WorthPlaying: Trauma Team Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Trauma Center: Under the Knife was one of the earliest titles to take advantage of the Nintendo DS' capabilities, and to this day, it remains one of the few games that really uses the touch-screen. On top of that, it was known for its punishing difficulty. It was a pretty common problem for gamers to get stuck midway through with no way to progress. Even if you could advance, you'd likely see a morale-draining C ranking, regardless of how well you thought you did. Later games in the franchise lowered the skill requirements but still felt intimidating to the average person. Trauma Team on the Wii reboots the franchise in multiple ways. It branches out the standard Trauma Center gameplay, adding a mostly new cast and removing a few features that had been standard in previous games. It is more accessible, making it the ideal Trauma Center game for beginners and longtime fans alike."

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