Why so Biased?

Associatedcontent: Casual games are on the rise, that's no secret, with games like Bejeweled being so addictive it makes sense. PopCap is the biggest casual game company with its name known to both casual and hardcore gamers, Zynga is up there too thanks to FaceBook.

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NastyLeftHook3049d ago

dont ask me, ask the fanboys, but you will get biased answers.

M_Mosley_JR3049d ago

I wish I could but I'll just get some stupid "Hardcore 1337 bull, so it's better to ask someone with an actual working brain.

Raypture3049d ago

I prettymuch agree with everything in this article but I hate the casual/hardcore elitism that seems like it was thought up by someone who had a serious need for self esteem and was only good at games.

I find the whole casual/hardcore thing to be you're a casual/hardcore gamer by how you play, not what you play or how much money you spend, for example if you're playing zelda and just beat the story then quit it's more of a casual approach, but if you go for every heart piece and side quest on the way you've took a more hardcore approach to it in my book.