Major game sequels unveiled, due this year

Between top-selling blockbusters like Mass Effect 2, God of War III and Splinter Cell: Conviction, it's already been a banner year for gamers.

But it's just getting started. A gaggle of high-profile sequels have been announced in the past few weeks, turning an already huge 2010 into a year for the ages.

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Actually Pee can be Yellow and White.

Elimin82707d ago

If it's white you're sick... It could be either pale yellow or clear.. White just means you're sticking the wrong whole buddy...... Hehe

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Gandalf2707d ago

People die when they are killed.

Sam Fisher2707d ago

when the tutorial says "this is combat, you can die in combat". the most obvious line i ever heard yet lmao.

klado2707d ago

You can't die in you actually failed.


Or Reminds me the Slogan of Gran Turismo 5:

''The Real Driving Simulator''

The most obvious line I ever heard.

HopSkotch2707d ago

I'm pretty sure Kratos died multiple times but that dude just kept killin people to come back

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captain-obvious2707d ago


what about me ??
im supposed to be captain obviousyou guys just took my part
any way

roses are red

Moonboots2707d ago

better change that name to captain-late! ;)

Aaroncls72707d ago

We knew this already, waste of a click.

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AbyssGravelord2707d ago

Yahoo, your number 1 source for video game news.

Tunerboy87322707d ago

COD Black Ops is gonna be beast.

Sam Fisher2707d ago

i never laughed so hard, u get bubbles, it made my day

poopsack2707d ago

beast = cow = can be milked

johnthe5th2706d ago

You should be a comedian. We all know you secretly preordered Mario Galaxy 2.

juniorpop2707d ago

They forgotten about this game!

ipe2707d ago

NOT a selling blockbuster.

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