Ipod Touch 4g Leaked Pictures

Some more leaked info from Apple, this time regarding the next Ipod Touch... with a camera.

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Darkstorn3133d ago

Hmmm, doesn't seem like that much of an improvement over the last one...probably just a camera and some extra hard drive space. Meh.

CryofSilence3133d ago

Exactly what I was waiting for anyway. I'm wanting an iPod touch that can hold my 90 GBs of music and has a camera. I hope the 2 MP camera is upgraded.

tmt3453133d ago

i hate the back that gets scratches even if you have a case!

aluminum back plz

darkmurder3133d ago

Thats all apple is, not much of an improvement over hte last one, yet everyone flocks to buy it it's ridiculous. People willingly get ass raped by Apple just to hear them say oh we implemented this which should have been in the last one.

themyk3133d ago

what else do you want?

Ju3132d ago

They could add a mic. Then you can actually use it as a phone (Skype). But wait, they got the iphone...(still works with a headset, though).


I just bought a 32gig iPod Touch 3rd generation last week.

It's awesome now that I jailbroke and got all of the Pokemon emulators but a camera would be nice. Maybe I'll return i and wait for the 4g.

The_Count3132d ago

Goodluck trying to return a jailbroken ipod with a void warranty to a store.

LinuxGuru3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Um, DUH, he would just restore it through iTunes (removing the jailbreak) before returning it.

kjordanreyna3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Surprised no front facing camera for video conferencing like the leaked 4g iphone.

Comet3133d ago

Vietnam must be manufacturing these for cheaper than China!
First iPhone 4G now this?

I remember when the PS3 Slim was first discovered in the Philippines...

Stuart57563133d ago

I Should think you can, it was only just over a year ago!!!

Sam Fisher3133d ago

til ,my itouch 1st gen dies or gets robbed (jail broken, and first line up when it 1st came out :P...), and i set it up when u fail to unlock my ipod in ten tries, it crashes. so it would suck for the thief too lol

Kyur4ThePain3133d ago

I hope you don't have any kids who play with your stuff.

Sam Fisher3133d ago

nobody touches my baby, i call him beyond the grave (he crashed on me twice and i took him to the hospital, the apple store. lol), the only person that touches my I is my girlfriend...... and thats pushing it lol

darkmurder3133d ago

Sucks to be you if you crash and fall into a coma and forget the pin.

AuToFiRE3133d ago

i jailbroke my ipod touch, well worth the effort, ive added so much more security that even if someone were to steal it, they would never be able to use it

AuToFiRE3133d ago

what i dont understand is why they keep that piece of plastic there, why not put the camera there instead

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