Gamepro: UFC Undisputed 2010 gets perfect score

Gamepro: "And that's what makes Undisputed 2010 such a success: it addresses the problems of the past while making subtle improvements that make the product better. The graphics are crisper, the animations are better, and several new tweaks make the actual fighting more enjoyable. Even the menu system and user interface is cleaner and easier to navigate. This attention to detail makes UFC Undisputed 2010 an intensely satisfying experience, and if THQ can keep up the momentum, the future of MMA games looks bright indeed."

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knight6262954d ago

looking like a awesome game i loved the demo

Trey_4_life2954d ago

''Are you ready, you ready, lets get it on''

FURY__UNLEASHED2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

I've been an MMA (UFC) fan for 8 years and played video games all my life, but the game isn't anything special. There's soooo many flaws that I just can't deal with. All the hardcore MMA fans agree with me too.

Besides, I don't take a perfect score from GamePro very seriously since they give them away like candy.

Not to mention if you buy the games used or rent it, you have to PAY an additional fee just to play it online. What a joke!

Source about the online pay:

M-Easy2954d ago

We must of not played the same demo

GUCommander2954d ago

I know this game will be great...That being said:
Call me crazy, but I don't think this game deserves a perfect score.

deadreckoning6662954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Bold claim from a person who hasn't played the full game yet. I had mixed feelings about the demo myself. It woulda been more fun if the demo came with a tutorial. Right now, I'm saving up for EA MMA.

knight6262954d ago

EA MMA has not impress me not even once...Jukes Pacific is doing a great job on UFC games i just hope they could actually make a good wrestling game the past wwe games are little disappointed

FURY__UNLEASHED2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

It reminds me of when IGN gave Resistance 2 an awesome score of 9.5 and people on N4G were pissed and said stuff like "What?! I played the beta and it's definitely a 10! Screw IGN!"

LOL! They played a couple levels of an unfinished product, yet they think they have better judgment than someone who has played, and completed, the final product.

dizzleK2954d ago

sweet, moar online turbo-controller submissions

MMFGaming2954d ago

Combat utilizes the shine --no more button mashing.

HopSkotch2954d ago

If i get killed online with that stupid elbow to the face glitch again i'm gonna be upset

BYE2954d ago

If you mean by glitch that spamming elbow for quick K.O. still works, yes, at least in the demo.

Brixxer6002954d ago

All i want to know is if it will be a bit easier to make the AI tapout in career mode , i prefer submissions to KO's but in the last game it was a real chore trying to make them tap.

karlowma2954d ago

"I'm ASTAR, a robot. I can put my arm back on. You can't. So PLAYSAFE!"

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