Sony's Jack Tretton: 360 is an "unreliable cook", Wii a "lollipop" & PS3 " The Best on menu"

GamePro's Vicious Sid recently sat down with Sony Computer Entertainment's Jack Tretton at E3 to discuss the PSP, PS3, backward compatibility ...and how he would describe each game console as a meal. Insights galore!

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ALI G4082d ago

for being fanboys, if CEO bash other consoles ?

hazeblaze4082d ago

Lol, it's the media's fault too... they feed into this whole console war thing b/c it attracts readers. Back in the SNES & Genesis days, I just gamed w/o any knowledge of any console wars. In fact, it wasn't until Gamespot that I was made aware that one must choose sides!

Omegasyde4082d ago

Lolipop? Wow, that was a bit*#smack at Nintendo.

Then again the Wii is a cute airhead and the ps3 is a fat chick
"Large in charge".

Looks like the Fat lady is singing.

Also Known As4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

if you think about it that statement doesnt make any sense, it only makes him look stupid because if the cook is unreliable and he makes eveyrthing thats on the menu then how is he going to make you the best thing on the menu?

that guy is a douche :-p

and honestly, (not that there is anything wrong with it at all) but he has the face of a h0m0sexual. He looks like Elton John's younger brother.

THE VIOLATOR4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

HA HA, what a joke ! I mean if you cant beat 'em, better try to Bullsh!t 'em ! What class & style exhibited by the corporate CEO of the #3 console. Fanboys are all Sony has & will ever have, so better appeal to their delusional mentality. This guy should be a used car salesman ! The Wii is sticking that lollipop right up your a$$ Jack, & M$'s hardware & software sales are running you outta da' kitchen ....

Let's take a brief look at how Sony treats their Tools:

Paying people to advertise their PSP through graffiti, puting programs in music files that make systems at risk of viruses, exploding laptop batteries, claiming CG trailers are gameplay footage, now phasing out the 60gb model & denying it, all their games will be running at 1080p, the console race starts when they say it does, the cell processor, There will be 2 million PS3s at launch, the US launch date, the European launch date, Jack Trentton: The DS is trailing the PSP, ... Sony philosophy: wait for Nintendo to do it and then double it: Analog Stick? Dual Analogs! Rumble? Dual Shock!, Wii-mote ? Six Axis ! ... do I need to go on because this list is ENDLESS.

What is *TRULY* amazing is the blind Fanboyism that follows Sony & believes their crap after they lie to you over & over & over & over. Bottom line is:


JsonHenry4081d ago

The only thing I think of REGARDLESS OF CONSOLE when I hear "old cook" is Ken Kutaragi.

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power of Green 4082d ago

I was wondering when Sony would start talking some sh*t it took them awhile with all the sh*t talking Peter More has been spewing at Sony But pete was right!, right #1.

FordGTGuy4082d ago

in that picture? Look at how red his is!

Bathyj4082d ago


Hey I kid because I care.

Dlacy13g4082d ago

I know one thing...No way in hell it only took him 5 min to get his PS3 hooked up and playing games! All the firmware updates alone take longer than 5 once you throw cables in to mix....well lets just say 5 min is just a tad to short....

SmokeyMcBear4082d ago

im pretty sure he got his day 1, probably before, no updates, just plug and play, its a little different now

pacman6154082d ago

before all the firmware updates were out :) , just listen and believe in ps3 for 10 years :D

Cupid-Stunt4082d ago

hahahaha moore leaves. harrisons doin raymond, what next.