Joystiq Interview: Wideload Games' Patrick Curry Talks Disney Guilty Party, Life After 'Stubbs'

Some of the most fun to be had during multiplayer video games isn't actually in the game itself -- it's outside of the games, where players chat with each other for fun, break down a strategy during co-op, or trash talk in-between deathmatches. You don't usually get XP for taunting over voicechat or telling your team where the enemy is, but there's a reward nevertheless, a social bonus completely independent of the code that developers write.

Wideload Games has done a great job of focusing on that gameplay in Disney Guilty Party. Joystiw got to play the same co-op Party Mode as Randy at a pre-E3 event this week, and while it's definitely a family game, it competently serves up custom-made mysteries for families to take on

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