Red Dead Redemption PS3 & Xbox 360 Tops Amazon Best Sellers List

It’s been reported that Rockstar spent a whopping $100 million to produce Red Dead Redemption. A huge sum indeed, but if you think the developer will have a hard time recouping its investment, thing again.

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NastyLeftHook2833d ago

i cant wait to play this, getting it in a couple of weeks, if you want to create a posse my PsnID is flamesofhell44.

movements2833d ago

Red Dead Redemption is a great accomplishment.

eggbert2833d ago

for this month


eggbert2833d ago

by McDonalds, KFC, Aldi's, and Dollar Tree so far.

Don't make me feel any worse please.


TrailerParkSupervisr2833d ago

Been there. It's not much but have a bubble.

dragunrising2833d ago

I also bubbled you up :-) Hope you find a job.

waltercross2832d ago

we don't get any more bubbles I don't think, maybe 3 is the max.

WIIIS12833d ago

Good to see Xbox360 and PS3 versions respectively at No. 1 and No. 2 spots on Amazon!