Neocrisis: New SOCOM 4 Screens

Neocrisis: 4 new screens for SOCOM 4 coming to the PS3.

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-Mezzo-2707d ago

I am such a big fans of this series, can't simply wait.

JAMurida2707d ago

Me too man, been playing since the first SOCOM. Hopefully Zipper can bring back the SOCOM experience that many of us had back then with SOCOM II. I'll be looking forward to seeing more on SOCOM IV come E3.

Sam Fisher2707d ago

on the first pic i thought that was chris redfield. thats when before he joined the bssa lol

Redrum0592707d ago

I'm realy siked for this game, but these are some old azz screens

WMW2707d ago

it looks alot better then i originally thought.

eggbert2707d ago

Looks great compared to MAG. I was thinking it was gonna be average graphics and good gameplay, turns out it looks pretty good.

sikbeta2707d ago

SOCOM4 will Join Veteran SOCOM Players + The Newcomers, I just can't Wait...

Growing SOCOM Community FTW!!!

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arakouftaian2707d ago

Better textures, ligthing. And better graphycs in general.
And i think its still pre-alpha. (Few weeks ago was still
in pre-alpha) or maybe this new pics aré already from alpha stage?
I will go to the Socom forums and ask Mr. Dunhamsmash
maybe we aré already in alpha .

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Colonel-Killzone2707d ago

Wow this looks really impressive. I'm stunned at how good it looks. Looks way better then the models in confrontation.

manman62707d ago

i am looking forward to this game

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The story is too old to be commented.