Is Choosing Your Own Difficulty Relevant Anymore

With the exception of sport games, due to the high level of difficulty it can server for new players, some folks don’t think we need a “Choose your own difficulty” option in video games anymore

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bakaPX2982d ago

For the story.

Then I go back and play it on harder levels while trying to get everything.

But it depends. We don't really need multiple difficulties for games like ICO, SotC, The Last Guardian, Demon's Souls, etc.

RedSky2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Bad idea. The normal or standard difficulty setting has been regressing lately because distributors are trying to bring in new players. The problem is these people will of course not be too keen to buy the sequel of their game if they get bogged down in the second level because of their lack of experience. And well, choosing easy just feels humiliating!

If this guy's idea goes through and we have a universal difficulty level for virtually all games with a sliding scale difficulty as you progress, then only the last 5% of it will be of any real challenge to anyone who posts here.

Frankly I think more games should adapt the Diablo 2 version of difficulty settings and especially for RPGs give a way to play through the game again with the same character but increased difficulty and enemies with more complex and deadly abilities. Or take a page out of Perfect Dark's book and change around the mission/task structure when it comes to FPSs.

As in, genuinely give a reason to play through the game again with variety. As it is now, just about nobody is going to be particularly attracted to going through the same game with enemy damage doubled and your health halved unless it is a particularly compelling or varied game in and of itself.

pixelsword2981d ago

so I would like to adjust it for him.

swishman2981d ago

Remember heart of the reich COD5?
that was crazy but still you cant beat the satisfaction of beating that game on veteran. let the developer choose whats best for the game i say

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CheatsMcGee2982d ago

I don't know, while I see the point, I still like the idea of choosing your own difficulty.

Of course, maybe difficulty that adjusts itself to your "level" would work just as well or better.

mau642982d ago

yeah Im with you, I like being able to choose it, especially if i get stuck in a part of a game and want to turn the difficulty down some.

Faztkiller2982d ago

I think u should either be able to choose or auto adjust everyone plays at different skill levels on different types of games

smashly2982d ago

I hope the option never goes away. I like the power to choose.

Milamber2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

The auto adjust system, or changing the setting mid-game just feels like cheating to me. I have no problem with choosing the difficult at the start, but I think having a game that plays well on just one difficulty setting is good game design.

SixZeroFour2982d ago

the problem with auto adjust that i have is that although it makes for a great experience playing a game campaign, it never makes it over the top difficult which is what i used to like about games...i used to like that some levels were extremely hard and i had to work hard and think about what i should do to complete the level...sure it gets annoying at times, but thats why i like choose your own difficulty over auto adjust difficulty

when i choose my own lvl...i usually got for a normal difficulty at first run through, just to see the story and get used to the controls, but then on future run throughs i choose the hardest difficulty just to test my skill

Faztkiller2982d ago

That's a good point auto adjust would not work for people that love a game to be super challenging maybe game could give the choice of auto adjust along with easy normal hard

pixelsword2981d ago

all you have to do to cheat is suddenly be bad and the difficulty would adjust, eh?

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