Knights Contract Details Revealed

On the latest issue of Famitsu magazine more details are leaked on Namco Bandai’s upcoming game Knight Contracts.

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xiren1872651d ago

This game reminds me of Gundam games

masterofpwnage2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

we need a good gundam game.

How hard is it to ake a gundam game.

geez just give it to sony, so they can make a good gundam game.

even better bioware, who can make a rpg gundam game

Simon_Brezhnev2651d ago

naw dont give it to bioware it would be 2 slow and Gundam games are fast paced.

MattyF2651d ago

Sounds like it could interesting based on those details.

Kalowest2651d ago

The only thing its missing is the Elric Brothers.

xiren1872651d ago

Yea! I <3 the elric brothers

Simon_Brezhnev2651d ago

basically they even got Homunculus in the description

Godmars2902651d ago

Ico on steroids?

Or, Ico as re-imagined by Jim Lee.

sinncross2651d ago

Unfortunately my video was just a faster more frenzy Darksiders.

I do hope the AI is not like Sheva or we could potentially be having a problem looking after the woman.