Will Wikis Kill off the FAQ?

FAQs are so Web 1.0. In a traditional FAQ, the writer is the sole custodian of knowledge and his word is the definitive voice. The way forward is the democratic, collaborative wiki.

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M3rkMast3r2979d ago

I think Wiki's are the new FAQ and can offer up more information as well.

rod_furlong2979d ago

What I don't like about game wikis so far is that they don't seem to give as many useful tips as a traditional faq. I was looking at the Red Dead Redemption wiki on wikia yesterday, trying to figure out if it was worth the money to buy a weapon upgrade, and it just described the weapon, it didn't really say if it was worth having or not.

bbretterson2979d ago

Yeah, wikis do tend to be more encyclopedic in style than FAQs. Maybe the old walkthrough isn't quite dead yet...

TheLancer2979d ago

I actually prefer the encyclopedia format to a walkthrough, so I am all for Wikis!