Confirmed: UFC 2010 Requires Code for Online Play

In order to access any online functionality, UFC 2010 Undisputed requires the entry of a code (included in new copies of the game or purchased through the marketplace). This will affect used game buyers or those who rent. No word on how much will be charged for the code.

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Jack Klugman2957d ago

this is getting ridiculous! so now i pay for my internet, pay for live but if i rent a game i have to pay again to play it online?

so now developers are saying instead of them getting shafted by used games now its time to shaft low income folks or people who like to buy their games used who might be on a fixed budget.

as if i needed another reason to never buy a game like this.

dangert122957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

there screwing thereselfs over...just wait for the price drop

what ea and thq have said they are doing with there seasonal games makes e think we are not far from a main game and yearly title updates for the next season instead of disc based games every year

darkmurder2957d ago

Im concerned I was going to buy this now I'm going to pirate it. If I pirate it does that mean I need to pay to play online? THQ way to lose customers dbags.

M-Easy2957d ago

Deleted from gamefly Q

deadreckoning6662957d ago

Doesn't affect me. I don't rent games. I feel bad for the Gamefly people though.

barom2957d ago

yeah seriously, i've been playing the demo continuously and I was really considering buying it. Now, as a principle, I won't buy it at all, ever! EA Sports and UFC can go kick themselves in the ass, I'm done with them.

Briefcase Joe2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

They are a business. If you don't like it, you don't have to buy it. Personally, I don't like it either, and if they lose too many sales, they will probably not do it again.

PAPERCHASER03962957d ago

And Ebgames are their #1 target who screw gamers over on trades you pay $65 for a game 2days later you trade it's worth 20 to 30 in trade then they resell it to the next smuck for 54.99 and the developer loses. It will force these pricks at gamestop to sell used games cheaper now though but if if you want to play online you"ll pay more

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kjordanreyna2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

"According to the statement the cost will be $5 but no mention of a trial period is made which likely means none will be offered." That made me smirk.

Anyway, there is a huge used game market out there and it isn't a crime to buy used games. So, they're going to punish gamers for that? As ip owners they have rights; as the consumer, we have rights also.

Locking out a complete portion of a game is like selling a game that's not functional.

BrutallyBlunt2957d ago

But it is functional. Buy the game new and problem solved. If not pay an additional fee. It makes sense through their eyes since they get no money on the used market. If cars lasted forever who would buy new cars? Games don't degrade over time so the same experience would then be passed onto the new owner.

HOWEVER one problem with this scenario is will these games be available to play online forever? EA is known to take down servers for old games so what good is it to pay a fee to play online only to have the game pulled from the servers? So not only are they trying to get people to buy their sports games every year by taking down the servers they are also trying to kill the used market too. Now I have a question to ask EA and others, what am I supposed to do with my used games when I buy the new one?

Digital distribution is the key to all of this. It would kill the used gaming market, reduce piracy, less waste and materials, and remove the middleman which would reduce costs.

kjordanreyna2957d ago

Is it functional out the box, regardless if it's used or not? I guess one could argue that it wouldn't be up to the Publisher after it has passed from the owner's hand, but this isn't just a scratch or faulty disc we're talking about..So, is striping away the online portion the right thing to do?

spunnups2957d ago

The ONLY reason I can think of where this might be okay, is if a majority of major developers/publishers were losing money. I don't know if this is the case, or how often it occurs.....

LastDance2957d ago

hopefully this will kill online gaming and we can get back to the single-player.

LostCypher112957d ago

why kill online gaming for a game that is focused around Multilayer. I would only buy this game to fight against my friends.

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