Rumor: Project Natal street date leaked

Critical Gamer writes: The exact details of Project Natal’s release remain unknown; but it has seemed certain for months now that it would launch in October or November 2010. A source close to Activision – who are supporting Natal from day one – has given Critical Gamer what they say is the official, but as yet unannounced, street date. So, what’s the date for your diaries?

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Jim Crikey2834d ago

Sounds perfectly feasible. We'll find out if it's true at E3.

scruffy_bear2834d ago

Ture, I just want the price

tmt3452834d ago

it probably was this date till it got leaked T_T

Imperator2834d ago

It's logical to release it November. Just in time for Christmas.

zeeshan2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Everyone knows that COD games are mostly associated with M$ since most of the FPS crowd game on 360. I think the next COD will support NATAL and M$ will make sure they advertise the hell out of the next COD game and make it look like a 360 exclusive WITH Natal support. Not that I like COD games but I guess Activision and M$ will probably team up to make a bundle of $$$

Move will probably kill Natal if NATAL can't deliver in terms of minimum lag. I know many people are hyped for NATAL but I am dead sure that it M$ is only trying to reach the casual market and games like COD, MOH and other FPS games will run much better using MOVE i.e. if they support motion control tech.

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playstation_clan2834d ago

prepare to hit front page news in 5 4 3 2

MiamiACR2834d ago

*Looks at the degree's rise* And.......1

Jack Klugman2834d ago

Yup, i have to %100 agree with this!

halojunkie2834d ago

motion control in my opinion belongs to the wii. i bought a 360 and a ps3 for old school gaming, and by the way natal looks in my opinion, its a lag fest.

Raf1k12834d ago

It may have lag but it's plenty good enough for the casuals who'll buy into it.

freediro2834d ago

yeah they all own wiis, no that many people will buy a 360 just because of Natal. I bet the same will go for the Sony Move, not like there will be tons of people flocking to it.

Each would have to prove it as a useful and even neccessary part of a game that is more than jsut shovel ware, you might have me sold. But, all i have seen is things that will make me look like a fool while playing.

Give me a controlelr or M&KB anyday and everyday for the rest of my life and I would still be happy.

kaveti66162834d ago

You have to disagree with the street date because you don't like motion controls? What does that have to do with the release date, man?

DeFFeR2834d ago

Tuesday is usually reserved for software. No one knows. Not even "criticalgamer"

The 360 was launched on a Monday.
The PS3 was launched on a Friday.
The Wii was launched on a Sunday.

So, Tuesday fits the random schedule of console release. I still cry fowl. They're probably just looking for page hits.

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