GT5 finally nails sense of speed

Patrick Steen of PSUNI: Gran Turismo, and racing simulators in general, have struggled to nail the sense of speed so common in arcade racing games and real-life racing. Even Gran Turismo 5 didn’t seem to have made progress in this area, but the latest footage puts this issue to bed.

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NastyLeftHook2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

ive waited so long my precious...

Noctis Aftermath2979d ago

Can't wait for more info at E3.

iPad2979d ago

same here. But seriously this year's E3 is gonna be amazing for Sony.
OMG!! Everyone is gonna be talking about it for the rest of the year. I can see it.

fedex6822979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

KB called it...I dont care what anyone says, I am going to buy this game and change the cover to Man Furismo Jive!

UnSelf2979d ago

whats so funny is im rly having a hard time thinking about which one ill choose lol. gt5 is that good

Sam Fisher2979d ago

the guy who demonstrates the gaming is pretty good, usually its people that sucks major ass juice

hay2979d ago

@fedex682: He said it rhymes with Man Furismo Jive. He didn't call it like that.

booni32979d ago

to see if its worth that 60 buckers

Jerk1202978d ago Show
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Montrealien2979d ago

agreed, this game will be huge!

shayol33t2979d ago

Oh god. Oh god! OH GOD!

TIME, it must go faster.

In all honesty though, this game has to come out ASAP! Been waiting on it for years, as im sure all of you have :)

Trey_4_life2979d ago

In other news GT5 is so good that it nailed my mom!

Update: she gave consent and enjoyed it!

jjohan352979d ago

My Logitech GT wheel yearns for its soulmate...

Tapewurm2979d ago

This game should be well worth the wait.

Faztkiller2979d ago

GT5 will probably be my GOTY or LBP2
Don't think a racing game has ever won goty but GT5 would be the one to do it

ShinMaster2979d ago

LBP2, GT5 or GOWIII! It is very hard to choose.
LBP and GOW have gotten the GOTY award before, so in all fairness I'd have to let GT5 take it :)

Hanif-8762979d ago

This is definitely a better Gran Turismo 5 than what we'd of gotten in 2009. I can say that the wait is definitely gonna be worth it, i say let perfection take its coarse :-)

sikbeta2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

finally?? OK... GT5 Will be BEAST!

Dirk Benedict2979d ago

you and me both, brother. this is my most anticipated game of all time and believe me......... i will be using the 3d, head tracking and all for this already deemed-masterpiece.

this is the future of gaming right here.

MNicholas2979d ago

The arcadey "sense of speed" in that video comes from the shaking of the camera. Just watch the edges of the TV relative to the border of the video.

No real sim will have such exaggerated shaking and GT5 appears to be a pretty damned good sim.

UnwanteDreamz2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

I looked at what you are talking about and I don't see any shaking that could not be attributed to high speeds and cornering.

You might not see camera shake in your sims but you get it inside a race car. No real race car could go that fast break that hard not have some shake.

corneliuscrust2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

there is some speed shake, but the camera guy is doing most of it

main thing is, who [email protected]

THIS GAME IS GOING TO BE HUGE! Look at it:D:D:D Can't wait.

2979d ago
aaron58292979d ago

Dude.. get the console and 10 games... then sell it off..

get a G27 racing wheel.. even better.

zeeshan2979d ago

Improving perfection was something that I thought was not possible. GT5 has me stand corrected!

hennessey862979d ago

the sounds of the engine and tyres still dont sound right that was supposed to be a lexus race car but it sounded more like a dyson hoover it looks amazing though

Heisenberg2979d ago

You can almost feel the wind shaking the car. I think all the detailed shadows on the road help the illusion of speed tremendously as well. Add the top notch engine sound revving on a sweet system with a sub, playing on a 1080p screen, maybe some 3D action down the road... There'll be no reason for me to take out my Ferrari anymore.

skwidd2979d ago

it does seem faster or at least the sense of speed is faster. I was surprised looking at the video as it looked pretty darn fast at just 150m/h which by GT standards still feels slow. However, this particular track adds to the sense because it's a narrower street and has lots of objects (trees) right next to the road which defintely helps in making you feel objects whizzing by you. Also, the camcorder was shaking which i think gave the illusion of superspeed. I thought that was cool and maybe they should include that in the future (GT6?) if it doesn't cause headaches.

sniper-squeak2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

This will be the fastest selling game in history...

Until GT6 comes out!


corneliuscrust2978d ago

FTW. Those guys are maniacs.

likedamaster2979d ago

I'm curious about this because it seemed the same to me. How bout showing a video comparison in 3rd person?

Giriath2978d ago

I don't really think the sense of speed has changed. More that there are a lot of in car and behind car camera angle videos. There's also a lot more details on the sides of the track. I didn't think there really was a problem with the sense of speed to begin with. In car and front camera felt pretty accurate to me.

Old Greg2978d ago

lol. i'd like to place a bet that this will launch 1stQuarter 2011.

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Imadoki2979d ago ShowReplies(1)
DanyBrown2979d ago

sense of speed was never an issue for me in the previous games though it will be interesting to see how they did it

Imadoki2979d ago ShowReplies(1)
jjohan352979d ago

Sense of speed is dictated by relative object distances. The more stuff you have closer to the track, the faster they whizz by, the greater the sense of speed. Going 200mph in a flat desert will feel a lot slower than going 100mph through downtown streets: nothing in the desert versus a ton of buildings cars etc pass by. This is why arcade street racers will always provide that incredible sense of speed even if it's fake.

What GT5 demonstrates to me, in this video at least, is the great sense of speed delivered by the subtle details such as the shadows on the ground, the random markings, the many objects placed alongside the road, and the numerous trees. Thumbs up so far and I can't wait.

thewhoopimen2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Id also hazard to add the change in air pressure and the subsequent rocking of the car from tunnels, arches, vibrations from the road, etc.

Downtown boogey2979d ago

There are other, artificial features that can add to the sense of speed, too. Motion blur, obscuring the field of view in a way or another, rumble etc.

CryofSilence2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

I saw him breaking 280 kph which is approximately 174 mph. That's pretty dang fast and it's represented well.

level 3602979d ago

The Nissan 370 GT Academy demo only proves that GranTurismo 5 will be a different animal compared to past GT games, and this can only mean great progress to the series and more appreciation to gamers/racers'.

And the advent of 3D tech will only be a plus to us gamers' ( as i'm sure 3D-tech screens will get more affordable very quickly as what happened to all plasma/LCD/LED screens )