Sales results for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Fist of the North Star

Koei Tecmo disclosed the sales results so far for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Fist of the North Star (as well as Samurai Warriors 3).

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Yi-Long2739d ago

... if Tecmo hadn't made the inane decision to 'censor' the gore/violence.

krouse932739d ago

Same, but I will probably get it sooner or later.

cayal2738d ago

I will be getting it one day as well.

wicko2739d ago

Very annoying, and no idea why they did that, but I bought it all the same.

Darkstorn2739d ago

Very impressive sales numbers. I got it a month after it came out...pretty good game, but not as good as the original Sigma.

EvilBlackCat2738d ago

sorry but i find that excuse


kaveti66162738d ago

NG has been known for being violent and gory. I haven't played Sigma 2 but I did played NG2, and the gore was awesome. Who wants to see that replaced by purple mist?

klado2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

About the blood, or is the blood shitting out of every freaking killed corpse over the course of the game what made the game itself so fun, huh? no, if not the action, the gameplay, the brilliant scheme and story, and it still there, so your EXCUSE, fail, thank you.

dizzleK2738d ago

ng2 was known for being gory, none of the other games were

Darkstorn2738d ago

I agree with your premise, but you can't honestly tell me that Ninja Gaiden is renowned for its story...

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dragunrising2738d ago

I hope the next Ninja Gaiden is launched simultaneously across 360 and PS3. It kind of bothered me that an upgraded NG2(Sigma 2) came out less than a year later. Its almost as if Tecmo is tricking multiconsole owners of buying the same game twice! :-p I'm guilty of re-buying Ninja Gaiden Black for the Xbox, however the first iteration is just better imo. I ALMOST bought Sigma 2 but couldn't justify a $60 purchase for an upgrade. Deep down the game was too much the same. I still might buy it for under $30 but thats a might as Ninja Gaiden requires patience, replacement controllers and an unhealthy dose of caffeine.

SaiyanFury2738d ago

I didn't really care about the removal of the gore. Sigma 2 is far more balanced than it's 360 counterpart. Like the battle with the Phantom Train in New York City's sewers. In the 360, you had to manually aim arrows at it's head while avoiding various attacks. It was extremely frustrating and I'd exhaust my supply of healing items. I'll admit they made it almost too easy in the PS3 version, arrows auto-aim to the head. All you need to do is stand back, aim and shoot. Far easier and I never expend any healing items. Beyond that, the game is a lot more balanced and seeing as I'm far more at home with a DualShock controller, it works a lot better for me. The extra stages with the girls, coupled to their intriguing costumes leads me back to the PS3 version again and again.

Bluemaster772738d ago

So they did make the game easier i lol at this

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kjordanreyna2739d ago

NGII for the xbox sold only a well done here for the PS3 version.

Elven62739d ago

It was 1 million as of August 2008, they never gave an updated number since then.

Nearly half a million isn't bad though, I'm sure they made most of the money back with NG2 and I doubt development costs for Sigma 2 were very high since most of the work was already done.

kjordanreyna2738d ago Those are only shipped figures you posted, regardless.

Elven62738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Did you not see the link I posted? From the press release,

"In just a little over two months since its release in June 2008, “Ninja Gaiden II” has SOLD over one million copies worldwide on Xbox 360 and currently enjoys an average critics...."

Don't know why I got 3 disagrees either, I even provided proof to back up what I said, gotta love N4G... =/

Edit: More,

kjordanreyna2738d ago

Vgcharts seem to have it around a mil, and they have updated I'll use those.

Elven62738d ago

So you are going to use VGChartz, a source which has often been criticized for its reliability over the word of the developer and publisher? Ok, what ever works for your vision...

Trroy2739d ago

Pretty good for a year-late port, actually.

NYC_Gamer2739d ago

nice sales almost near the 360 version

Dance2739d ago

NG2 on the xbox sold a million back in August 2008

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