Red Dead Redemption $44.95 Deal Still Live


"The last good deal on Red Dead Redemption (as far as we know) is over at

Grab Red Dead Redemption for $45.95 (reg. $59.99) w/ free shipping over at

Just add it to the cart to see the 'hot price' (I don't come up w/ this stuff...)

Amazon, Walmart, and Gamestop have stopped giving out party favors ($10-$20 credits), so get on the deal while the getting is still good, and make sure to pass on the word to your posse!

Reviews have been very positive with a 95 (Universal Acclaim) Metacritic Metascore on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions!"

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SupeerSteebbi2864d ago

People that don't have this game don't miss this deal!

maawdawg2864d ago

Too late, it is gone now.

va_bank2864d ago

I ordered from them over a week ago. They did ship it on release date, but they didn't mention they'd be using that stupid UPS Mail Innovations service. Both UPS and USPS take about 1-2 days to deliver to my house. This Mail Innovations bull$#it takes 7-14 days. I don't expect to see the game until the end of next week.

If you do get it, just cough up a few more dollars for better shipping, overall is very good. They just shouldn't be using this shipping service.

Zeevious2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

So I'm glad to get this deal!

Not to stir up trouble, but can any Gamer who's actually played both versions on both consoles, give me an idea which is the best?

Thanks for sharing this great deal!

TooTall192864d ago

It looks and operates very well. There is an article somewhere on N4G saying that the 2 are practically identical.

Proxy2864d ago

Just like GTA4 the PS3 has lower resolutions. Some say the PS3 looks better, but at the end of the day the 360 does have higher resolution.

I only have a PS3 and I'm not going to let it bother me.

fuzion17c2864d ago

Plus it has extra exclusive content!

Silentmerc3nary2864d ago

I might buy it when it reaches Platinum Hit price, but not buying it atm.

VileAndVicious2864d ago

The single player is nice....But the multiplayer is SO glitchy and horrible that it renders it unplayable. At least on the Ps3 version.

Rockstar needs to release a patch ASAP!!!

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