GameSpy: Red Dead Redemption Review

The fact of the matter is, this is a game that you really need to play (hell, just watching someone play might be enough) to appreciate. With Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar succeeds in creating one of the most impressive open worlds ever seen in a game.

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cemelc3131d ago

But last time Gta 4 got these reviews and it was the worst in the series, ill wait for some actual user to start telling me some actual complains and not those "minor flaws" from reviews.

Since where i live there is no way of renting a game and Rockstar wont release a demo, i cant simply trow money and hope for the best (like gta4).

Trey_4_life3131d ago

I have already explained this to several people over the course of this week, GTA4 was not a 'bad' game as you quote, it received critically high scores from the gaming journalism because it was good, with it's individualistic car handling and realist physics and real time dynamic weather system etc.

My point being, i hate modern warfare and so do hundreds and thousands of sensible minded gamers but then their is that crazy several million who just love the game, yet i still acknowledge that it's a quality title in it's own right, if you like campers and noob tubes.

Each to his own.

darthdevidem013131d ago

So, it was still boring.

I'v played GTA:San Andreas for more hours than GTA4 since GTA4 came out.

cemelc3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Dude i didnt said it was a bad game, i said it was the worst in the series and it is.

That game wasnt a 10 it was more like an 8 to 8.5, so that translate to good not great or brilliant

Socrates3131d ago

That's your opinion. You didn't like it, fine, but don't act like it is a fact.

Personally I disliked San Andreas the most out of all the GTA games. I didn't like the gang-banger setting. Common street thugs don't interest me. I much prefer the setting in Red Dead Redemption. Heck, even the characters and setting of GTAIV were a lot better to me than in San Andreas.

The point is, it is all down to personal taste. Just because you didn't like GTAIV doesn't mean that many people didn't love it.

Imadoki3131d ago Show
Mo0eY3131d ago

Cemelc, I've played this game for God knows how long now. I'm currently number one on R*'s Social Club Solomon's Challenge with 1m37s.

You have several minor skills you can build up to become a Legend of the West - hunt wildlife, sharpshooting (shoot two hats off of people), look for flowers, etc.

Then you can lasso people and take them with you (bounty hunters, gang leaders) or bronco bust with the lasso with a little mini-game.

Speaking of mini-games: Dice, Blackjack, Poker, Horse Shoes.

Then there are the side missions, the stranger missions, the gang hideouts, the random missions on the sides of the road...

And I'm still on the first county!

Buy this game, man. I was one of the thousands that hated GTA4, and this is no GTA4.

Lykon3131d ago

that's encouraging....

vice city was my favorite GTA , san andreas was fun and large, but had the low life thug culture thing... GTA IV great detailed city but poor mini games and irritating mobile phone nagging friends factor.

so if you one of the guys that hated gtaIV yet love rdr then this is the kind of feedback i'm interested in, as reviews mean nothing after the gtaIV nonsense. so um thanks.

Robulos3131d ago

I couldn't get into GTA 4 or San Andreas. I didn't like either one at all. I loved Red Dead Revolver so I picked up Red Dead Redemption hoping that it would be different and man what a great suprise! I'm only about 3 hours into the game and I love it! They nailed the south west landscape and I should know I live in southern New Mexico right in Billy The Kids old stomping grounds. The story has already sucked me in which is some thing I could never say about any of the GTA games I've played. The horse controls are some of the best out of any game I've ever played with horses, better the SoTC. The voice acting is great etc...etc...I could go on but it would just be repeating what most of the reviews have already stated. So far it's like playing or being in a Western Movie. I did notice one NPC on a horse stuck in the ground but other than that it's an amazing ride so far! I hope this helps you to make up your mind. This really appears to be a game not to miss.

Kos-Mos3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

"You know, to date, I have thought that sure, sure critics make mistakes, but not I realized, they don't just make mistakes, they are all a bunch of idiots. I quote "As good as if not better than Grand Theft Auto IV" -Boomtown Okay, so wait, let me get this right, you are comparing RDR with a 3 year old game and saying it deserves a 10 because it is better than that game? It is like me saying Forza 3 is 10/10 because it is the same game as Forza 2 (an example, not true). Its just plain stupid. What happened to all you idiotic critics going on about originality? After giving me all that crap, then you come and tell me that a game deserves 10/10 because it is identical to its predecessor with a new skin? Didn't the same thing happen to MW2? How long are you critics going to give us this bullshit? I quote myself from another website: "I know how this will turn out, critics will give it 10/10s around the world (because they get carried away with hype, not what you expect from so called "professionals"), millions of people will buy it because of the bullshit they just bought, and 2 weeks in the bitching will start and it wont stop until 2015. Then later on critics will be too scared to hate on the game or not give it GOTY because they will be ruining their own reputation by denying what they themselves had previously said. Then we will have to wait for websites like VG charts to give it biggest disappointment because they don't do reviews. You can quote me on this." And everything seems to be going as planned so far. Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you about this game. And what it actually is. Just GTA IV, with a new skin. GTA IV had some of the biggest flaws in gaming, like lock on shooting (even though other developers stopped using that design a long long time ago.). That is not the only problem as GTA IV had some of the most repetitive missions. I could go on for hours about GTA IV but I wont, even I was stuck under the hype, first week or so I played it and I thought it was the most amazing game ever, then I realized what a piece of shit it was. Dont buy this game, don't support idiots like Activision and Rockstar, they are practically ruining the industry, they are sending out a bad message to other developers "make the same identical shitty game as the old one give a new number next to the name and every body will buy it LOLOLOLOL"."

Kos-Mos3131d ago

Above: I just copied a users opinion about the game. I think it`s marvelous.