LittleBigPlanet Items and Levels Video Interview

The game's technical director tells GameTrailers about the different ways players can complete levels as they create items to make the gaming experience different each time.

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Moac4165d ago

awesome game. =) will enjoy

MK_Red4165d ago

I'm dying to see the new enemies they mentioned that will be added to game. Cant wait for this gem.

Scythian Lamb4165d ago

I think this is going to be a great game on the PS3. I mean, they are providing some very basic resources, and the game will likely thrive simply on user-generated content, which is honestly where I see the future of video games sitting. Sure, we'll all want to play the next Mario, Halo or MGS, but it is even better when you can go back and craft things to your liking. Bravo for jumping on this one early, Sony. Bravo.

Bazookajoe_834165d ago

Seriously, u wouldn have to go and buy mario. U can make it youreself, you can challenge friends with a stage u made. I could sit all day and just do map after map. This is going to be one of the greatsest games for any of the nextgen consoles..

LSDARBY4165d ago

Awsome game, cant wait to play it. Why are all the devs on this game geeky nerds though.

Chibs4165d ago

I've actually met the 2 technical directors of Mm and although they may appear geeky they're actually rather cool people =]

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The story is too old to be commented.