Destructoid: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review

Destructoid writes: "Ubisoft's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time stands as one my favorite games. At the time of its release, the game's re-imagined beauty and control was like nothing we had seen. Go back and play it today and it still holds up, a magical journey with crafty platforming and puzzles that set a new bar for the genre".

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Silentmerc3nary2864d ago

Awesome game. Enjoying it immensley.

mastiffchild2864d ago

Looks like good and simple fun from Ubi to me-thing is I just can't get past the "perfect rental" feel of the reviews so far! I like POP games but since the first "Sands.." game I've felt they all lacked a little and have all ended up as great rentals but not games I'd want to keep or replay a host of times.

PoP 2008 is a case in point:real purdy with a few great features and some great free running exploration gameplay but ruined , in a few areas, by being too easy and despite changing it wholesale in style still managing the series' trademark weak combat. As for this new entry-again, it feels a bit rushed and the game looks(graphically) like a 360 launch title not a game from a major studio well into this generation. Some environments and animations are shoddy while, as everyone'as said, the Prince himself is stunning in his hideousness! That, and seemingly, straightforward puzzling allied(again) to underwhelming cobat means thuis is a rent for me from what I've read and seen so far.

It DOES look like a game I'd enjoy but this year games have to be amazing for me to buy them(ME2,GOW3 or RDR etc)and, mostly, because the fun looks like it would just be a little short lived. Ugly, ugly Prince character model, however.