Gamereactor: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review

Gamereactor writes: "Going back to the concept from Sands of Time sounded promising, but The Forgotten Sands does not manage to go all the way. When such a big part of the relatively short game (you can reach the end credits in about eight hours) is wasted by lackluster fighting, bland bosses and a pretty lukewarm design it's hard to give out a higher grade than a rather weak seven. I'd really like to fast forward time until we get a proper sequel. It is time for the prince to become a king".

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tunaks13079d ago

they need to drop the design of the prince's face,
its terrible

unrealgamer583078d ago

Jeeeeeeeez his face looks like crap

Kurt Russell3078d ago

They could drop the whole franchise before they milk that cow of average follow-ons dry!