Pocket God’s Dave Castelnuovo Talks Innovation, Episodic Gaming and Unexpected Success

"Despite the never-ending list of iPhone apps and games available, Pocket God managed to break through and become a smash hit. But did Dave Castelnuovo, the game’s lead programmer, ever think this would happen, even in his wildest dreams? “We never expected for Pocket God to be even a top 100 app,” he says. “We only hoped that it would allow us to build some internal technology and sell well enough to justify development on a new game.”"

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Blaze9292957d ago

Pocket God is pretty amazing i'll admit

kimvidard2957d ago

it's nice to see underdogs make it big on the iPhone

AlexC2957d ago

Good interview - I always love learning about how developers start up!

mistermostyn2957d ago

Looks very cute. Now all I need is an iPhone... hey, Apple, is ya listenin'? Good interview GZ.

athmaus2957d ago

thx for the game!