Dylan Cuthbert wants Blasto re-released as a PSOne Classic

Dylan Cuthbert wants to see Blasto re-released as a PSOne Classic on the Playstation Network.

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BeaRye2860d ago

Makes me miss Phil Hartman

FACTUAL evidence2860d ago

I always wanted this game when i was little!! Never played it....I forgot alll about this! damn PS1 those were the dam days!

Reibooi2860d ago

Anyone else think that Blasto might have been one of the influences for Captain Qwark in Ratchet and Clank?

Anyway I loved Blasto I still have my copy. A PSN re release or a HD remake would be awesome.

Cajun Chicken2860d ago

Hmm. Never got past level 3 from what I remember, great jumping puzzles though.

kaveti66162860d ago

OMG, I loved this game. I'm so glad I am reminded of it now.

DarkSpawnClone2860d ago

i forgot about this never got to beat it my friend borrowed it and i never got it back, i might buy it a again a HD remake would better tho :P

-Mezzo-2860d ago

Awesome, i still remember all the fun i had with it. Good Times. =]

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