Classic Game Room: Too Human Review

"Too Human is a game fraught with a tumultuous development history. Originally slated for release on the PlayStation in 1999, the game became a bullet point on the GameCube box’s list of upcoming titles in 2000 before landing on the Xbox 360 in 2008. Developer Silicon Knights worked on several titles between the first slated release of Too Human and when it finally came out, the public perception was of a game that had been in development for nearly ten years."-Brian Easton

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maawdawg2832d ago

I agree with a lot of the points he makes. I definitely enjoyed my time with the game but it didn't stand a chance in living up with its development history and pre-launch hype and drama.

I still think it is worth if for people to pull out of the bargain bin and try though. They may be pleasantly surprised, you just have to give the game long enough to get used to the different combat controls and make sure you zoom the camera controls all the way out.