Should Nintendo Buy-Out Sega?

Who would have thought that over ten years ago, Nintendo and Sega would have been the biggest rivals in video game history, then end up making video games together. During the early nineties, we had Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. Both games were very similar in play style. You jumped on an enemies head to kill them and collected golden money to earn 1-Ups.

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NYC_Gamer2833d ago

nintendo is doing just fine with their own studio...

lil boy blue2833d ago

but would't be great to have great sonic games w/high production values.

reasons I want it.

1.higher production values
2.more dev time
3.sega doesnt seem to have a clear goal w/his games.
4.higher quality work.

I have been thinking they've been planning this for the longest time anyway. so yea

Awookie2833d ago

You realize Sega owns tons of Arcade places, what would Nintendo want with those. Plus Sega is pretty big a buyout would cost a ton

darkmurder2832d ago


SaiyanFury2832d ago

Sonic's original development team is not staffed by Yuji Naka or the original creators anymore. They're staffed by people who just want to make a game, they don't care about the pedigree of Sonic back on the Genesis/MegaDrive. Some SEGA developers do offer production values, I'll cite the Skies of Arcadia team here who made Valkyria Chronicles, one of this gen's best. But others do not.

qface642832d ago

i don't believe nintendo would ever buy out sega
i do believe they would buy out sonic but not sega as a whole

pinkyxyz2833d ago

In my mind their the only company that can reboot The Speed demon back to gaming greatness. comon sony buy em NOW!!!!

Godmars2902833d ago

Put them out of their misery. And out of the "Big 3" Sony feels like the best bet. The most likely to foster what's best in their studios without wholly milking them.

But I can't imagine all of their studios remaining open.

ZombieAutopsy2832d ago

I believe at one point Microsoft was looking into buying SEGA but for some reason it never went through. I wouldn't mind if Nintendo bought them i'd just want it to be next gen or until a WiiHD so they could make decent games.

RageAgainstTheMShine2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

If this happens more tears will be shed, lots more.

For some of intense sadness and remorse.

For someone like me, tears of joy!

Nintendo or Sony will do just fine.

Sega is a crazy, disoriented, don't know what to do, internally conflicted company that needs a beast master to tie a leash on its neck and keep it in control before it kills itself!

But your right Sony should buy Sega out of its misery! Sony is SO lacking in Sega's department. Sony desperately NEEDS Sega's types of games.

For Sega to join the ranks of Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Japan Studio will be pure awesomeness! I hope it happens.

Make way for Sony Sega! tadah!


The reason I bought Sony's Uncharted is because one of the three Father's of Sonic the Hedgehog & platforming master designer, Hirokazu Yasuhara, designed the games levels, too. Awesome isn't it.

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Dellis2833d ago

They should and make the ultimate experience, SONIC/MARIO platformer

gamingforte2833d ago

This brings to mind that EGM April Fools prank where they showed picures with sonic and tails as playable characters in Super Smash Bros Melee.

SpoonyRedMage2833d ago

Nope, just buy their franchises and make them themselves. It was funny watching the trailer for SMG2 where they slide through the tunnel because it looks like a better Sonic game than any in the last 10 or so years.

tunaks12833d ago

i think nintendo and sega should collaborate on a real 3d sonic

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