Eating Your Words Yet Microsoft?

Remember back in March of 2009? Microsoft was patting itself on the back after NPD numbers revealed the 360 version of Street Fighter 4 sold 43k more copies than the PS3 version. The company was so confident that every other franchise that was considered PlayStation property would continue to sell better on their system that they even made the bold prediction that Final Fantasy XIII would sell more on the 360.

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NYC_Gamer2985d ago

all the ps3 haters are eating alot of their own words now....

StanLee2985d ago

Guy sounds like a butt hurt fanboy if you asked me. The article is pointless. If you commented on every grandstanding remark by the console makers, there wouldn't be any other posts on N4G.

mikeslemonade2985d ago

I and many others would have bought Final Fantasy XIII day one if it was exclusive to PS3. Instead I have passed up the game all together.

corneliuscrust2985d ago

truth sucks. SE aint what they used to be.

Christopher2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Sorry for people disagreeing with you StanLee, but you're absolutely correct. Look at last year's E3 where Tretton claimed FFXIV was coming to the PS3 exclusively and how quickly that was turned around to be something completely different.

These guys are paid to market their consoles as the best thing ever, even against their own products (look at PS2 vs PS3 in 2007). If you're going to dissect all the BS that comes out of their mouths, you'd never have a chance to do much else considering each day there's more and more marketing drivel being made for one console or another.

What I find ridiculous is that people aren't able to see that Microsoft taking 33% of the FF market in the U.S. is a huge win for them considering it's the first ever FF game on the console and it was able to take away sales from Playstation, which has been the leading console in the last two generations for all things FF.

ShinMaster2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

@StanLee, quit trolling and @Cgoodno, relax, who cares?

rob60212984d ago

At E3 Tretton said about FFXIV "PS3 is the only console you'd be able to play it at launch.."

How did it turn out to be completely different? enlighten me.. Rumors of a possible 360 version, and a PC version doesn't change that. There's no 360 version even announced and there may never be one.

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erathaol2985d ago

Its suppose to be an "Oh Snap!" kind of article. The headline introduces it as such. Just don't click and you'll avoid giving him hits.

Trey_4_life2985d ago

Oh this isn't the first time PS3 outsells 360 software, i also believe EA sell more games on the PS3 than the 360, making them change their minds and switch lead development of 3rd party multi-platform titles to be developed onto the PS3.

The future's now, the future's Playstaion.

booni32984d ago

seriously, who approves this garbage. ive been waiting for a decent blog post to get approved for an entire day but garbage like this is a dime a dozen. it really speaks of n4gs governing all this flamebait approval.

RageAgainstTheMShine2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

They are out to TRASH every game game that is not an FPS or any game that doesn't use the PC because online is where Microsoft lives and make a lot of money, right Valve?

My beloved Final Fantasy series has become utter garbage thanks to M$.


arakouftaian2984d ago

Chinask you may be right,
but to be honest M$ saw money
and they just got in the bussiness .

But so far they have been copying
Nintendo and Playstation
and add new features from their PC experience.

But they have ruin other games and make companies
to have two team to work on the game game for
diferent consoles wich is stupid.

For example,
GTA, M$ made them do a DLC
and give the a lot of money for it.
When they could go and work in their next game
and finish it fast.
Only a hardcore fan maybe may buy the GTA dlc
i mean the game sold like 10mills and sold only like
what 1 or 2 mills of the dlc?
And this with the help of the disc im sure many buy the game
thinking it was a new full GTA game. (lame)

PC gamers also get hurt from this.
PS fet hurt by this stupid M$ dirty silly move.

I hope we dont get to see a new Xbox
im sure M$ could make a lot of moré money
with their PC and traing to make PC
users moré heavy gamers and not just casual
but they aré 5tupid and have lost so many oportinities.

Pc gameing could go huge but
M$ and their wrong desition have miss and will
keep missing many oportinities.

1) creat cheap basic PC for gaming,
from $350 you could get xbox 360 quality games.
but for $500 you could get a much better quality.
and for $800 you could get Crysis quality.

2) easy setup , this PC gaming machines will have casual gaming
in mind,
insert the DvD or Blu, install yes, agree. And vioula any player can play the game, in few mins go online afther creathing a game tag.

Have the option for easy but moré advansed features.
Specially for the moré expensove PCs.

3) add ons, new motion controls,3D etc etc.

4) make sure that the user with any of this PCs can update
in a easy way their PCs at any time new tech is available.(make sure that even the $350PC can still play the new game even if is in a not good quality but fair frame rate and HD)
(it will have it limits but will help for the gamer to save money but still
upgrade their PCs untill new NeXT gen PC hits)

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spandexxking2985d ago

wait, since when was SF considered a playststion game?
i always thought SF was synonymous with Arcade machines

bigrob1232985d ago

why is spandexx king gettin a disagree? he is right ffs lol

nnotdead2985d ago

if not arcade then SNES. at least for me.

ShinMaster2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

It's not a PlayStation game. But it's only been a "playable" game for Sony/Nintendo/Arcade.

And yes, I was taking a hit at the Xbox's controls.

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sikbeta2985d ago

It's kind of sad for those PS3 Haters, I mean they can't or will Never Shout "da døømedz" Again, they're getting Really depressive...

jerethdagryphon2985d ago

interesting i met a shop kep whos adament that all sony games will go to xbox

he mentioned by name uncharted 3 and god of war.

forgetting that sony owns those ips
and studios
and foots the bill entirly.....

sonys rising as ive said alalong 2010 will be the turning points
3 years in 30+ million sold out of a 10 year plan thell sell 100 million ps3s

fishd2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

It only does serving crow

TotalPS3Fanboy2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

And then today, Microsoft ate it.

Gamester1012985d ago

He was actually quite careful to say 'launching on PS3 exclusively'. The difference is subtle, but a saving grace.

Upbeat2985d ago

yeap indeed they are, altho im surpirsed how this is one of very few articles that has braught the point up and all microsoft do is spew shit and expect us to belive it. i love the way the boast about sales and what not and they have never came out with a true figure with the failure rate.

zeeshan2985d ago

I agree! SF games were never thought to be Playstation games. I have been playing SF games on other consoles since Sega Genesis!

Old Greg2985d ago

...the fact that FF was sold on the 360, PERIOD, is still a pretty decent kick in the sack to Sony.

RageAgainstTheMShine2984d ago

Is that good?

FF franchises represents the whole console gaming as one of its main attractions and M$ turned it to a watered down piece of crap.

Old Greg2984d ago

It stopped being "awesome" a long time ago man.

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Hank Hill2985d ago

Did Microsoft really say that FF13 was going to sell better on the Xbox? Really? That was stupid of them.

IdleLeeSiuLung2985d ago

That was before everyone and their mother found out the Xbox 360 version was a rushed port.....

kratos172985d ago

thats not the point, the point is microsoft were too cocky and now they look like fools

also bayonetta was superior on xbox but the ps3 version still sold more

Xeoset2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

@IdleLeeSiuLung - I hardly believe it is because of that, but the sheer fact that a massive amount of the first year/two years of Playstation 3 adopters were only in it for the Final Fantasy franchise; a lot of non-gamers play it and just that alone. Therefore, that and being exclusive in Japan tipped the ratio in Sony's favour.

@kratos17 - While the Xbox 360 version was largely superior, it is a game that the Japanese market invests in and Microsoft has no finger in that market. Not only that, it came out in the same month as Mass Effect 2.

Instead of bashing another console, can't you just be happy that gaming as a whole won because when people invest in gaming, we all win? People bought FFXIII on the 360 in droves, which will reflect in any instalments Square-Enix intend to make at a later stage; it's better for everyone.

HolyOrangeCows2985d ago

"That was before everyone and their mother found out the Xbox 360 version was a rushed port....."
Tell that to the Ps2/xbox generation.

And they took another year or two to "rush" the 360 version, plus hired additional help.

Gun_Senshi2985d ago

Some sites claim that FFXIII on X360 is Superior then PS3 Version "like all multiplatform games"

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sikbeta2985d ago

Some sites were claiming "da døøømedz"

They were SO Wrong.... lol

Upbeat2985d ago

lawl! and i bet your one of the many that belive that the 360 version sold more than the ps3 version. your a prime example of why they continue firing stupid and pointless claims at customers who belive anything they say, just because its microsoft

BRG90002985d ago

What exactly do you people expect them to say? "We're aware that FFXIII will sell more on PS3 but we're happy to take what we can get?"

If a corporate executive speaks in public, it is going to exude confidence. That's the way they all act, and it shouldn't surprise anyone when the confidence doesn't always pan out.

Parapraxis2985d ago

Or...they could keep their mouths shut.

maxcer2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )


yet actions speak louder than words. if they did keep their traps shut it would only add to the suspicion that MS didn't know how well the game would fair, in overall sales and quality.

kunit22c2985d ago

yes maxcer actions do speak louder than words, so how about they let the sales speak for themselves...

playstation_clan2985d ago

FF13 was suppose to be only on ps3, so the 360 cant take the power of the ps3. Instead you got 2 more disks and compressed graphics and sound

willie62892985d ago

"And they took another year or two to "rush" the 360 version, plus hired additional help. "

dont forget to add that they held off releasing the PS3 version so that they could finish the xbox version and release both at the same time.

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Crusade2985d ago

That won't stop square from overwhelmingly supporting the 360 for absolutely no reason at all other than some hard on they have for all things American.

ClownBelt2985d ago

I think this article is a little bit