Rumour: Doom 4 To Be Scored By Trent Reznor?

zConnection writes: "While we’ve been told to expect no official news on Bethesda and id Software’s upcoming Doom 4 until QuakeCon 2010, which will take place from August 12 to August 15, a reliable source has informed us that id are attempting to sign on Nine Inch Nails’ frontman Trent Reznor as sound engineer for the project."

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moho-foe2864d ago

Trent is the man. And if they get him on board Doom 4 will be completely Bad A$$ because Trent Reznor doesn't do crap projects...


Doom 3 soundtrack was amazing, but that was created by Tweaker, Chris Vrenna

Doom 4 will be better.

Morgue2864d ago

Didn't he score Quake or Quake 2?

Connoro2864d ago

Didn't you read the article? "Best known for Nine Inch Nails, an industrial rock “band” of which he is the only official member, creating music through extensive use of multitracking and synthesisers, he was also responsible for scoring the original Quake in 1996. The NIN logo also makes a cameo appearance in the game on the side of nailgun ammunition." That's in the second paragraph.