Big games you hate

Which triple AAA's could you easily live without?

Greg Howson of Guardian Unlimited writes: " I was reading about Unreal Tournament 3 when it finally dawned on me - I really don't care. Do we really need yet another sci-fi shooter with pumped up goons and oversized artillery ? "

" It's not a hatred of FPS or anything like that - Rainbow Six Vegas is a semi-permanent fixture in my 360 - but rather the tediously derivative setting and the assumption that sci-fi is all that matters to gamers. Halo 3 has a similar look but at least the developers Bungie seem to be offering more innovation, especially online, rather than just new ways to kill your opponents. But if there was a choice between Halo 3 and say the hugely promising Alan Wake dropping into my lap this morning there would be no competition - bring on the Wake."

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Ebay3rd4141d ago

So this guy hates the game but wants it....

Lumbo4141d ago

100% ack to aliG, couldn't have said it better

teh_tourist4141d ago

HALO 3... it's overhyped and just looks like any other game
i'm not saying killzone 2 is gonna blow it out of the water, that looks like just another FPS too. LAIR will be fun though

Rhezin4141d ago

lair will be cool, but I love halo because it has such a variety of weapons and vehicles and it all combines to form a great expierence. FINAL FANTASY I CAN DEAL WITHOUT. I HATE taking turns fighting that is the gheyest thing EVAR! Oh ok lets slice this guy and take 8pt health off him and now lets wait till he attacks now lets wait till we attack. F!CK THAT

Odiah4141d ago

The Halo series - Was fun for a while but was far too overrated and brought nothing new to the FPS scene.

Gears - Another overrated game IMO, maybe I just sucked at it lol. Didn't really feel this brought anything amazing to the table either, except the graphics. Those were amazing.

GTA - I don't exactly hate this game but it does gfet rather boring after a while, the storylines are so damn forgettable also.

Metroid (3D ones) - I just absolutely hated the transition.

Madden - I'm not American, I don't like this pansys rugby. (Just joking)

JustCallMeDaddy4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

What games do you like? Pacman?

Those are good Xbox 360(and one nintendo) games, it seems like you just don't like the system(s).

Odiah4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

I love my UT, Tekken, Super Mario and SSX. I can accept those games are good, but I don't have to like them.

I also own a wii and was thinking of getting a 360. Ironically, most of my favourite games are on the console I am least likely to get.

fenderputty4141d ago

It's just never done it for me.

The Swordsman4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

All of my classmates love it, saying how it's the best game series ever, but I think that it's the most over-rated series of all time. I mean, how was Vice City so different from 3? An '80s soundtrack and a slightly different city. And what made San Andreas different from them? Stupid-side missions and the ability to eat food! And the graphics are terrible. I don't really hate any other series, except maybe Mario(it's been getting repetitive since Mario 64, and the kart games are just the same over and over again). Oh, and anything by EA Sports( it's just rinse and repeat and rinse and repeat).

risk4141d ago

thing is...i used to play the original GTA since i was 13 so i know how GTA grew up, ive played all of them, gta, gta london 1969, gta 2, gta 3, vice city, san andreas, and im gonna pickup 4 too, but most people that think gta is the best game ever, never played anything below 3 hell i doubt they even heard about GTA 3 untill other hard core gta fans said "wow will you look at that"

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