Puzzle Quest announced for all platforms (except PS3)

D3 Publisher surprise hit Puzzle Quest has been on the march for months now. Having already conquered the PSP and Nintendo DS, the game was known to be preparing for an assault on the Wii and Xbox Live Arcade. We've now received intel on a move to the PC, PlayStation 2 and mobile phones, as well.

Original developer Infinite Interactive will be handling the PC version and co-developing the mobile with THQ's Universomo studio; the mobile version will be published and distribute by THQ via its ValuSoft and Wireless divisions. Vicious Cycle, recently acquired by D3 and who previously worked on the PSP version, will be co-developing Puzzle Quest for Wii and PS2.

Conspicuously absent from the announcement is mention of a PlayStation 3 version, either as a retail product or the more likely PlayStation Network download. We've contacted D3 for information. In the meantime, check out the highly addictive PC demo of the game

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Violater4116d ago

No puzzle quest how will I live.
For the record can someone tally up the amount of games announced for the PS3 today alone?

boi4116d ago

lol no wonder Sony didn't care about this for the Ps3 lol

G_CodeMonkey4116d ago

While I don't care for puzzle games, my wife will play it on the 360. Not quite a system seller, but good to have. Perhaps the PS2 version will still play on the PS3. gCM