WiredFans: Top Ten Sports Video Games Ever

"We’ve compiled our list of the greatest sports video games to date. We know not everyone will agree with us, but that’s fine. It’s all opinion anyway. Leave your thoughts in the comments. [Editors Note: Yes, we notice we've left out soccer titles. I blame it on the fact JD is American. Not enough people here appreciate the sport]"

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Clumzyagent2987d ago

Its already the greatest sport on Earth, right?

table2987d ago

I'd like to have seen PES4 there or at least one of the early PES games when they were miles ahead of the competition.

ShinMaster2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

So I wasn't surprised when they didn't list a single Football/Soccer game on there.
Fifa 10 or a PES needed to be there.

Also, MLB the Show 10 is better.

BetaChris2987d ago

What, no Mario Tennis? *snicker* (Kidding, of course)

midi2987d ago

NBA Jam is a good number 1 but no FIFA10 on this list makes it invalid.

cain1412987d ago

Personally I would have included Fifa 10 as well. And I don't even enjoy soccer games...

Clumzyagent2987d ago

I feel like something else is missing on here besides soccer. Curling...?? No?

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The story is too old to be commented.