Backbreaker 2 announced before Backbreaker even hits store shelves

"There really isn’t much to say about this one yet, other than it looks like Natural Motion wants to make it clear Backbreaker is going to be a franchise. Obviously, for a game like this to be successful when it’s competing against something as established as Madden, it’s going to be difficult to get sales the first time around just due to brand loyalty. So even if Backbreaker turns out to be terrible, we are glad to see Natural Motion isn’t willing to give up easily."

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cain1412835d ago

If one is good enough, I might actually care. But I want to play a demo first...

Qbanj692835d ago

This is going to be really really sad... when nobody buys the first one and they have to shut down part 2.

pimpmaster2835d ago

why does this game even exist? blitz tried and failed. you cant do a football game withought nfl license

shoinan2835d ago

Backbreaker, huh? Yeah, not sold.

cain1412835d ago

It uses the euphoria engine that was in Star Wars Force unleashed. So the hits and the player responses to those hits are the big selling point from what I have read.

Clumzyagent2835d ago

I guess these guys can't just sit around while they wait to see if BB is a success. Mentioning it was probably a bad idea though.

midi2835d ago

Just cant see this doing anything in the UK.

cain1412835d ago

Ironicly it is a UK developer...

BetaChris2835d ago

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see what the big deal about Backbreaker is just yet - seems like it's just trying to be Blitz: The League without using NFL licensed players.

iceman062835d ago

The over-the-top title hints at Blitz style gameplay. However, it is actually striving to be closer to real football than the outrageous nature of Blitz. The BIG DEAL is that it is using the Euphoria physics engine to drive collisions. This means that every tackle, every collision, every block is rendered on the more canned animations. This brings variety to a sport where the interactions, at least in video game form, can get a bit mundane after playing several games.

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The story is too old to be commented.