The Ultimate Pre-E3 2010 Roundtable Part 1 On Gamertag Radio

This week on Gamertag Radio - The ultimate pre-E3 2010 roundtable discussion live from LA, California featuring:

* Godfree (Gamertag Radio)
* Deejay Knight (Gamingtruth)
* GamingAngel (Gamingangels)
* NuyoRiquena (Nfamousgamers)
* CandiceHatesYou (Gamingangels)
* Lono (Sarcastic Gamer)
* Deaconblade 360 (Unscripted360)
* Mdk2002 (360junkies)
* Jack_p (Achievementhunter)
* Sergiodaprokkz (Konsolekingz)

This roundtable was recorded during the Medal Of Honor Community event.

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