Why Red Dead Has The Best Open World Ever

NowGamer: We look at why Rockstar's depiction of the old West is he best game world ever, in comparison with other game worlds

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TROLL EATER2981d ago

I hope dey build on the dynamic events even further for the next GTA GAME

mittwaffen2981d ago

Just like im sick of FPS

They need to follow RDR and build from this.

Leathersoup2981d ago


I've always found GTA to be such a shallow experience. There's no choice of how you want to play. You have to be a criminal.
I find Red Dead Redemption to be much more interesting.

BeaArthur2981d ago

I'm not necessarily sick of GTA but they do need to re-evaluate some of their concepts. Although RDR has a lot in common with GTA it feels like it has more variety as well.

poindat2981d ago

In defense of GTA, the role of a criminal is a necessity. The series is built around exploring the criminal underworld of various corrupt cities. There would simply be nothing to any GTA game were you allowed to play the "good guy."

When it all boils down to the basics, GTA is open-world in terms of environment, but very linear in story progression, and you know what-- if that what it takes to build an emotional connection to the characters (as I certainly felt in GTA IV), then so be it.

Red Dead Redemption, in that sense, is an entirely different beast from GTA, and as such, comparisons are fruitless. Exploring the wild west leads to much more possibilities in terms of story and morals than does exploring organized crime. The whole premise of Red Dead Redemption is just more general, allowing you the choice between good and evil.

So I disagree that GTA is a shallow experience, the focus on a single aspect in fact allows it to explore deeper than many games, but I totally agree that if being a seedy criminal isn't for you, or you just love to see multiple sides to the same story, then Red Dead Redemption in general is going to be a lot more interesting.

But in the end, I don't believe that either can be considered "shallow" simply because you are locked/not locked into a single role. They both were designed for those separate settings and roles, and they both excel at delivering a deep, satisfying experience.

Just my 2 cents.

playstation_clan2981d ago

GTA: wild west stories, for xbox 360 a day earlier then ps3. 100mil deal

mittwaffen2981d ago

You're that big of a troll? How old are you man?

Talk about an out of place comment.

ThanatosDMC2981d ago

It does have dynamic events. It's becoming repetitive though in the town of Armadillo.

MiamiACR2981d ago

Didn't see your comment before, but this is exactly what I was talking about in my comment below.

MiamiACR2981d ago

I sadly didn't like this game as much as I thought I would, the dynamic events are few and far between and the ones you do happen to come across in towns happen far to often the same way every single time. Story is awesome though, just they really need to work on expanding the dynamic events hopefully through DLC or a patch if possible.

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mantisimo2981d ago

Sat in England rain splashing on my window, an invisible donkey just ran past, waiting.....tra la la ........waiting...DIDDLE DEE DUM...TRA LA LA......AAAAAGGGHHHHH WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT TILL FRIDAY TO GET THIS 8*^$%$* game when all my north American friends are playing it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! *tiny voice*..... it's not fair....

Leathersoup2981d ago

Non-simultaneous releases suck. Period.

RageofReaper2981d ago

This is why everyone has to befriend people who work in gaming stores! I have both stores in a 4 minute radius around me willing to let me have it as soon as its in, on staff discount no less! Sadly, neither will get delivery until tomorrow morning (thursday) but i've had games on the tuesday before.

Its worth the effort for times like this!!

mantisimo2981d ago

So I am really bored now, waiting for the 21st and our European release date, but it is kind of fun typing Rockstar like this, R* R* R* sheesh I need to get a life....R* R* R*


mantisimo2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

I knew it I'm all alone in here not a soul in site.......not even a troll........hell I might just troll myself..........MwooHaHaHAAAA N4G is mine all mine......I will take over the world......Mwoohahahaaaaaaagh. ..hack...HACK....MWoohahaha... ..ugh akkk HACK... (hey guys don't Mwoohaha too often it makes you cough)!

Socomer 19792981d ago

i think grand theft auto 4's open world is better.
RDR is a beauty but im a new yorker and seeing new york in gta4's open world is very surreal.

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