Beehivecity- Hands On: Microsoft Xbox 360 Project Natal, our first play

It’s a lot of fun. As soon as you walk in front of the screen, your lifelike avatar appears and copies everything you do … when you clap your hands, it claps its hands, when you stack it because you’re awful at the game, it stacks it too … it’s scarily good. The system is intuitive and takes about three seconds to get the hang of … and once your slapping, heading and kicking balls around the cyber-court, you don’t want to stop.

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niceguywii602893d ago

"look like Natal will be a massive hit"

That's like saying the Wii will do >good< before Wii launched.

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StanLee2893d ago

How did some no name site get a hands on with Natal?! O_o

The Wood2893d ago

Maybe MS will do an apple and send the 'boys' in

IdleLeeSiuLung2893d ago

It seems a lot of non-gaming sites are getting hands-on with Natal as well....

karl2893d ago

by saying good things about it?

dizzleK2893d ago

it's so they get the press they want. real gamers would probably tear it to shreds.

facelike2892d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Are these real sites? Why is it no name sites that report on gaming, not gaming sites reporting on gaming?

Viacom is big, MTV big, yet Gametrailers(owned by Viacom) cant find an exclusive with Natal, yet this person can. Huh?????

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sxpacks2893d ago

Ricochet again?!
Really!? They can't even do a behind closed doors demo of something else besides ricochet?

C'mon Natal show me what you can do!

SixZeroFour2893d ago

if all they show is ricochet at e3 this year, THEN you can say "ricochet again?!" other than that, dont you think its possible that ms wants to keep every other game secret for e3, so itll be just that much more exciting to see it in action?

Bigpappy2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

as we have been saying here on N4G. It is not even E3 yet and just today alone we have them getting a better port of one of the hottest Multi-plats so far this year (RDR) and a site getting hands-on with Natal (Ricochet) and reporting it is Smooth, Amazing and FUN.

Am I allowed to point this out are am I going to loose a bubble? Come on guys, don't do it. I only have a 360 and I love the possibilities Natal bring to it. Natal may not be for every one, but I could see it being a very hot item the Holliday season, if it does well again this E3.

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cyborg69712893d ago

Everyone laughed at the wii before it was launched.

presto7172893d ago

I think we all know how soooooooo wrong they were.....

mcgrawgamer2893d ago

not sure what world you live in presto, but in the world I live in HD-DVD was the next best thing and bluray was the next gen betamax. Matter of fact anytime a movie didn't sell more on bluray than it's dvd counterpart it was the end of bluray. Bluray was supposed to have died the first 2 years of it's life. Even though it was killing HD-DVD in sales. the media finally got off HD-DVD nades when toshiba gave up on the format.

madmonkey02893d ago

sounds good, it could work if it has any decent software to use it on,

i wont be buying it though, but im undecided on move, at least with that we have seen real games.

Double Toasted2893d ago

Looks like someone has a crush...

BeaArthur2893d ago

No thanks. I'll stick with my analogs and buttons.

BeaArthur2893d ago

Maybe you didn't read what I wrote correctly. I wasn't saying I don't want Natal because I want Move. My comment was directed at all motion controls.

The Wood2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

...but you left yourself open;)

check the wink....see

van-essa2893d ago

why post in this article then?

BeaArthur2893d ago

It's called an opinion and this is the section for opinions. Why post on my post?

Baka-akaB2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

you gotta admit that it's a bit gratuitous , when you've already said so before .

By doing that , you'rr a bit fishing for the negative comments you just go

thief2893d ago

When analog first came out, almost all leading game franchises dropped the d-pad controls or whatever they were called then in favour of analog. Hower, years after the wii, most games still run on analog and you dont see the same rush for motion controls. Simply speaking, motion controls are not a leap forward for most popular games. Of course, you do get more accuracy - but developers have learned to use tricks such as auto-aim to overcome that obstacle, and with some practise dual analog is pretty easy and accurate to use.

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