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Beehivecity- Hands On: Microsoft Xbox 360 Project Natal, our first play

It’s a lot of fun. As soon as you walk in front of the screen, your lifelike avatar appears and copies everything you do … when you clap your hands, it claps its hands, when you stack it because you’re awful at the game, it stacks it too … it’s scarily good. The system is intuitive and takes about three seconds to get the hang of … and once your slapping, heading and kicking balls around the cyber-court, you don’t want to stop. (Microsoft, Next-Gen, Project Natal, Tech, Xbox 360)

niceguywii60  +   1968d ago
"look like Natal will be a massive hit"

That's like saying the Wii will do >good< before Wii launched.
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StanLee  +   1968d ago
How did some no name site get a hands on with Natal?! O_o
The Wood  +   1968d ago
Maybe MS will do an apple and send the 'boys' in
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   1968d ago
It seems a lot of non-gaming sites are getting hands-on with Natal as well....
karl  +   1968d ago
by saying good things about it?
dizzleK  +   1968d ago
it's so they get the press they want. real gamers would probably tear it to shreds.
facelike  +   1967d ago
I was thinking the same thing. Are these real sites? Why is it no name sites that report on gaming, not gaming sites reporting on gaming?

Viacom is big, MTV big, yet Gametrailers(owned by Viacom) cant find an exclusive with Natal, yet this person can. Huh?????
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sxpacks  +   1968d ago
Ricochet again?!
Really!? They can't even do a behind closed doors demo of something else besides ricochet?

C'mon Natal show me what you can do!
SixZeroFour  +   1968d ago
if all they show is ricochet at e3 this year, THEN you can say "ricochet again?!" other than that, dont you think its possible that ms wants to keep every other game secret for e3, so itll be just that much more exciting to see it in action?
Bigpappy  +   1968d ago
Looks like 360 may not be as dead
as we have been saying here on N4G. It is not even E3 yet and just today alone we have them getting a better port of one of the hottest Multi-plats so far this year (RDR) and a site getting hands-on with Natal (Ricochet) and reporting it is Smooth, Amazing and FUN.

Am I allowed to point this out are am I going to loose a bubble? Come on guys, don't do it. I only have a 360 and I love the possibilities Natal bring to it. Natal may not be for every one, but I could see it being a very hot item the Holliday season, if it does well again this E3.
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cyborg6971  +   1968d ago
Everyone laughed at the wii before it was launched.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   1968d ago
Yup, and Verizon turned down the iPhone too!
cyborg6971  +   1968d ago
What the hell were they on?
presto717  +   1968d ago
And everyone laughed at HD DVD before it launched too
I think we all know how soooooooo wrong they were.....
mcgrawgamer  +   1968d ago
not sure what world you live in presto, but in the world I live in HD-DVD was the next best thing and bluray was the next gen betamax. Matter of fact anytime a movie didn't sell more on bluray than it's dvd counterpart it was the end of bluray. Bluray was supposed to have died the first 2 years of it's life. Even though it was killing HD-DVD in sales. the media finally got off HD-DVD nades when toshiba gave up on the format.
madmonkey0  +   1968d ago
sounds good, it could work if it has any decent software to use it on,

i wont be buying it though, but im undecided on move, at least with that we have seen real games.
Double Toasted  +   1968d ago
"a friendly, tanned Californian man with gravity defying hair"
Looks like someone has a crush...
BeaArthur  +   1968d ago
No thanks. I'll stick with my analogs and buttons.
The Wood  +   1968d ago
step right this way then....

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BeaArthur  +   1968d ago
Maybe you didn't read what I wrote correctly. I wasn't saying I don't want Natal because I want Move. My comment was directed at all motion controls.
The Wood  +   1968d ago
i knew this
...but you left yourself open;)

check the wink....see
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van-essa  +   1968d ago
why post in this article then?
BeaArthur  +   1968d ago
It's called an opinion and this is the section for opinions. Why post on my post?
Baka-akaB  +   1968d ago
you gotta admit that it's a bit gratuitous , when you've already said so before .

By doing that , you'rr a bit fishing for the negative comments you just go
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thief  +   1968d ago
When analog first came out, almost all leading game franchises dropped the d-pad controls or whatever they were called then in favour of analog. Hower, years after the wii, most games still run on analog and you dont see the same rush for motion controls. Simply speaking, motion controls are not a leap forward for most popular games. Of course, you do get more accuracy - but developers have learned to use tricks such as auto-aim to overcome that obstacle, and with some practise dual analog is pretty easy and accurate to use.
Obama  +   1968d ago
I thought it's something new but apparently they are still talking about the CATCHING the big RED ball game.
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crapgamer  +   1968d ago
I'm excited about it, I am not sure where all the hate comes from, I mean if it's not your thing then why post about it? why get down on those that want it and think it's quality?
I had the ye toy for my son on PS2 years ago and Natal is NOTHING like that. People are just trying to start something, I mean the more blatant rip off altogether is Move, seriously, I love how Sony fans don't even acknowledge that it's more similar to the Wii mote then Natal is to the eye toy. The eye toy wasn't a media piece. It didn't let you play real games, it was strictly little stupid games. Natal is going to operate our media, voice commands and play games like Fable 3, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Street Fighter games. Sure there is going to be party applications, but overall I think Natal is going to offer more to people then Move. Just the media applications alone are worth it to me, which is why I'll be getting it release date.
IRetrouk  +   1968d ago
i think you will find natal a lot closer to wat eyetoy did than the move verses the wiimote, everything i have seen from natal from a game perspective is very similar to eyetoy no amount of voice control will changew the experiance.
IRetrouk  +   1968d ago
first i didnt say that move was compleatly diffrent from wii did i? second i was only explaning that the natal control method is more like eyetoy than move is to wiimote, basicaly the wiimote can detect you on three axis thats it theres no spacial awareness theres no camera theres no voice control the wiimote is very basic tech compared to move, now look at natal vs eyetoy, arnt so many diffrences are there? and dont get it twisted i have the 360 and ps3, im just not stupid enough to buy some 10 year old tech that sony has already done, and now improved on it with move
Pillville  +   1968d ago
"Just the media applications alone are worth it to me"

so that every time your dog walks by, your movie fast forwards?
kissmeimgreek  +   1968d ago
if you thinik thats what would happen then you obviously havent been paying attention to natal. If they can make it so they can detect you even if someone walks in front of you i doubt a dog is gonna be a problem.


please explain to me how move is so much different to the wii remote. seriously saying that eyetoy and natal are the same thing and then saying move is completely different from the wii remote is the stupidest thing ive ever heard.
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Pillville  +   1968d ago

A kid, a cat, a dog jumps up on the couch next to you, jumps in front of you, wags its tail, you put your arm around your girl, you reach to get some popcorn from the bowl, etc...

If you think these things really won't be problems, you're crazy.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1968d ago
¿Again the Ricochet game?
WMW   1968d ago | Trolling | show
ExPresident  +   1968d ago
Considering Natal news is completely controlled by Microsoft as they've clearly stated it would be then I am not surprised that any news we see is warm hearted and full of excitement, I mean seriously? If a multi-billion dollar company controls what news goes out I highly doubt they are going to let it be bad.

Flip the coin and look at ALL THE PEOPLE and VIDEOS and NEWS you can find on MOVE. There has been ample opportunity for someone to say something bad but the vast majority of the stuff put out has been good and Sony is welcoming people to try it.

Just noting the obvious difference in strategy here.
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Apocalypse Shadow  +   1968d ago
it's not that we don't think it's a cool idea.maybe for navigation.
what's troubling is the fact that an add-on that was touted as being a game changer,is hiding behind closed doors with no picture taking,has celebrity marketing and hasn't shown anything but a red ball game.i guess the paint demo and creating elephants wasn't exciting enough.

and then its competitor is showing itself,showing some games,showing the technology,talking about its latency,giving estimates about pricing,giving hints about upcoming games like ape escape,talking about future integration with 3D,and journalists can take as many pictures as they like......

it's troubling.there is a lack of faith when you refuse to show it.it's been a year and nothing new other than a chip being pulled is news.talking about a pre-E3 showing where the talking line is "technology free." and "we will provide video clips of it to the public after."

translating into:

no cameras please.and we control the media and will keep any weaknesses from being shown until celebrities can hype what is shown until consumer acceptance of our product.because core gamers will find what's wrong with it.

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ExPresident  +   1968d ago
Exactly what I was saying a couple posts above yours and I got a disagree, but here's an 'agree' for you. I'm all about new Tech but when you hide it like Microsoft is I question your intentions and quality.
Mike134nl  +   1968d ago
True but since it's new tech I can see why they would do that, similar to apple. Marketing wise Microsoft is doing a smart thing with celebrities.
Natal has been shown plenty, shame it only has been shown with one game. But since Microsoft is going too show natal on e3 with its own dedicated presentation, at least that is showing that Microsoft is pretty confident in natal. Why wouldn't they, they clearly have the media at their side...
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Godmars290  +   1968d ago
Best Natal "Hater" statement I've read yet.
Bubble up.

And ExPresident:
No matter what you say or how you say it, weather or not it sensible much less reasonable or logical, someone will always disagree with you and call you a hater.

Take it from someone known as both a Xbot and Playslave on GT...
Convas  +   1968d ago
Now see, Apocalypse Shadow, that is ACTUALLY a GOOD point. And ExPresident and Mike134nl also make good points. Anybody with common sense can see where you're coming from. And it makes sense. Those are all things that could be very plausible. But we'll know for sure in June.

Bubbles + Agrees. People who can actually form their own opinions instead of running around yelling "Failtal has too much Lag!!111!!!11!!" deserve to be applauded.
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doG_beLIEfs  +   1968d ago
Well said Apocalypse Shadow
The PS3 can and DOES do voice navigation. http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Also the eye can do alot more that Natal is supposed to do. Here are a bunch more links that show the eye being used for gesture navigation, head tracking, facial augmented reality, and much more.


Sony has said that the most important thing for the eye is the SOFTWARE and not the hardware. All of these links prove that Sony is not bullshitting us.

If MS does not allow anyone and everyone to play Natal and if Natal does not have some compelling software that shows that it is NOT a ps eye, then MS is in trouble.

What would really be funny is if Sony shows off a redesigned XMB with both voice and gesture navigation using the MOVE...that would be really funny for me.
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Bigpappy  +   1968d ago
Enough with the "not showing".
Natal is no on store shelves next week, it will be shown in 3 weeks. Did you guy not see any of the news stating that M$ will have a big showing of Natal on June 13th? Then some more during E3? IT will be shown on MTV. Then there is TGS and a bunch of other other shows. Sony said they were going to release in the Spring, you would thing they would at least be able to show something in the spring right. Now because Sony decides to show their hand early M$ must be a sheep and do the same. M$ has their own game-plan. If what they show at E3 is quality, then all the noise from you impatian bunch, will be replaced by utter silence. E3 is only 3 weeks away. Hold your horses.
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Apocalypse Shadow  +   1968d ago
dont think so "BIG PAAAPPY!"
if microsoft shows their product first,but sony shows not only what it can do,what kind of games will be played,what kind of price it will have,when it might release,but microsoft CANT....

that's just epic fail.you can't show first,then end up launching second.unless there is a failure in backing their product.it's like you and a woman are sitting in a room,and she says,"i'll show you mine if you show me yours."but when she shows that she's hot,you back out and wait.and say

i'll show you mine later.and in your mine you're thinking you need to lift some weights and shave all that hair off your back before she sees you.

just fail buddy.either they SHOW or it's a NO.
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dc1  +   1968d ago
@ExPresident - good points
I will add that this is not an issue of 'fanboyism' or 'bashing'.. I'm just amazed at how controlled the msg is... The marketing machine is transparent.
I really hope for the best for Natal and MS. True competitions breads better products and prices for all consumers. MS is the principle reason why Sony was pushed to lower their prices, change their marketing strategy and re-define their commitment to supporting developers.

However please take off the blinders .. demand excellence.. and open analysis. Otherwise stop defending their actions.
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on your back   1968d ago | Spam
ATLGAMER  +   1968d ago
even reading it its gaming applications sound evern more orf a joke
1-oj   1968d ago | Trolling | show
mcgrawgamer  +   1968d ago
This marks the 3rd year that MSFT is bashed and criticized before E3. I wonder if the outcome will be the same.
Captain Tuttle  +   1968d ago
Trroy  +   1968d ago
Everyone loves dodgeball?
...and everyone wants to wave their hands to navigate the NXE rather than use that dang slippery DPad. ...I guess.

Seriously though, its time to stop bashing Natal for its limited demos. Wait for E3. There's honestly not much to criticize, other than a lack of something to criticize... which is sorta a big deal, actually.

Still, waiting for E3 is prudent.
guerojose  +   1968d ago
Fake site
This is a totally fake MS marketing site. You'd think they could try to hide it a little better than "Beehivecity" (*ahem* "I love bees").

Just try to enter a comment on the "article" that isn't totally glowing, and watch it disappear.

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