Movie Deal In Forecast For PlayStation 3 Serial Killer Game 'Heavy Rain'

An auction of screen rights for the PlayStation3 game Heavy Rain is coming to a close. I'm told a deal is near with Unique Features, the film shingle started by Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne after they exited New Line.

Using their own money, Shaye and Lynne posted top bid in an auction held by CAA on behalf of game developers Quantic Dream.

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LordMarius2952d ago

Hollywood come up with your own ideas for once.
Also, why isn't Sony that one making the movie?

Draperc2952d ago

Well, if it turns out to be a good movie then I wouldn't really care who made it, but I'm 99.9% certain it'll be anything but good.

fedex6822952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Depending on the theatre we choose the ending should vary!

Nineball21122952d ago

haha... That's a pretty good idea actually! :D

WMW2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

that would be a really cool idea. i think they could take it a step further by having different theatres play an alternate story to the movie like how the game plays out differently or have 4 movies each staring one of the main characters. it gets people talking about which version they seen and could get people to go out and see each one. but that could cost alot of money to do.

lovestospoodge2952d ago

the problem with that is when friends see it seperately, no one would have any idea what anyone is talking about. also, it would be a hassle reviewing it.

ot: when the game was so awesome and story driven, is a movie really necessary?

kneon2952d ago

That's been done before with the movie "Clue", I think it had 3 or 4 different endings

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SullyDrake2952d ago

The game was meant to be the perfect middle-grounds between game and movie. I'd rather have a sequel based on the decisions you made in the first game than a movie.

Raf1k12952d ago

I'm with you on that. This game doesn't need a movie at all.

ThanatosDMC2952d ago

They'll like F it up compared to how it is in the game. Besides you cant fully know all the details compared to how it was in the game.

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TheTwelve2952d ago

...the producer won't have to work hard for this one. =) Just take out the character interaction and define a set path of choices and


inveni02952d ago

Isn't the game a movie? Don't get me wrong, I loved the game. I played it over and over (until I sold it so I could swing RDR and MNR). But turning this into a movie is just encouraging people to be lazy... And too lazy to play video games is not good.

If they DO make it, then which plot line will they follow? There's some decisions I think they should make and some they shouldn't. I would expect that whatever they decide on would probably leave me thinking, "I should have just stayed home."

kneon2952d ago

Most people don't, and won't, play video games. So I don't see any problem with making a movie out of it. There have been plenty of less compelling stories turned into movies, this one could actually be good for a change.

LeonSKennedy4Life2952d ago

Haha. So...essentially, it will be better than Transformers.

inveni02951d ago

That's funny. My son always tells me to stop doing that.

KING852952d ago

It would be quite interesting to see how and if this game can be pulled off in the movies. With a great cast and with the input of the game director and the producer of the movie; I believe this could be a great game turned movie.

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