[VG] Red Dead Redemption Review writes: "I think this game is going to do the business, big time. I certainly hope it does, because to be frank, it's a magnificent piece of work that everybody should play. John Marston may not quite be the next Jack Sparrow, but in the realm of cowboy games, Red Dead Redemption is clearly the genuine article."

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Socomer 19793050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

All of a sudden its a new genre.

im really enjoying RDR but come on... Its a GTA4 clone.

Guys, its gta4 all over again, trust me.
i enjoyed gta4 yet it was a 9.0 game for me and that 9.0 is for the great effort that went into it not the polish.

RDR looks to be the same in my book. so far so good. a goty nominee but not a goty winner.

i got the ps3 version. My Defense:

I dont play my multiplats with binoculars.
I use PSN's free online.
RDR looks as good as playstation HOME but its the 360's graphical beast of the year, lol.

himdeel3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

...but a perfect 10 this game does not deserve. A solid 8.5-9.5 for sure. Anything more means you're swallowed up in the hype to deeply to see any problems or even be objective. This coming from me who believes this is game is setting a new bar for open world sand box games and think the free roam type mode should be in ALL sand box games regardless of if it breaks the game. It's just plain old fun.

mcnablejr3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

gt5- will be a 10 then?

now THAT'S alot of effort.

kneon3050d ago

I'm 3 hours into it and I'm finding it kind of dull. It had better pick up or it could be one of those rare games that I never bother finishing.

raztad3050d ago

Well guys, I decided to be very cautious regarding any other R* game, that is including RDR. See GTA4 got EXACTLY the same praise: incredibly realistic city, deep story, likeable characters, it's like they are reviewing a movie. Where is the fun gameplay? doing crazy stuff just for the sake of fun, like happens in Just Cause, inFAMOUS, even the flawed but fun "The Saboteur".

RDR doesnt look any different to me. Hope I'm wrong and killing rabbits in the wilderness prove to be really fun.

himdeel3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

...the free roam is very nice MOSTLY because you can share the experience and have a different type of experience with friends.

However your apprehension I'd say is well placed. This game is already been dipped in layer gold with diamond dust style kind of hype which is unfortunate for those looking for some objectivity.

I truly believe there will be those of us (like me) who are MORE excited about it being a cowboy open world game moreso than anything else and are going to find parts of the whole to enjoy regardless. Likewise there will be those objective folks who aren't interested in this theme of game who may like parts of the game and not the whole thing which is pretty reasonable. Finally there will be those that just don't like the game at all and it's just too open making it very inaccessible or they feel it's more of the same.

Anyway if I could toss a score on this game I'd say it's a solid 8.5 for me after my VERY short time but I feel I can stick with an 8.5 if not a lower score later only because I making a very basic assumption that since I've played every GTA game I know the type of gameplay I expect.

EDIT: Seeing what they've done I'm REALLY excited to see what they do with Agent now.

KillerBBs3050d ago

after seeing the auto aim video in the multi player i'll pass. Quick scoping and killing fools hella far away... lame! Auto aim ruined COD MWF2 and I'll never buy game with it. Why make a game with auto aim... I thought the propose of these games was aiming.
(1st and 3rd player shotter).

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BeaArthur3050d ago

I've only played a few hours but with all of the little bugs (most of them will be patched I'm sure) I can't call this a flawless game.

BubbleSystemSuck3050d ago

I know why this Hurt... Hurts becouse all the latest multiplatform was almos identical version on both, 360 and PS3... almost... but before Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, PS3 user knows what capable is the PS3 in terms of graphic an power...

and now this... im a PS3 owner, and the truth is the diference is noticeable.

Im disapointed with R*... but i will play the game becouse i know how good it is

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