New 40nm PS3 slims spotted in the wild

GOONL!NE writes: We expected the slightly redesigned PS3 slim to be announced at E3 but it seems some units with the new 40nm RSX chip have already made their way into stores.

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Shadow Flare2929d ago

Now that the new ps3's are being shipped, there should hopefully be enough stock in shops to not get sold out. Just imagine what the sales are gonna be like

kratos1232929d ago

do you think this is the reason the ps3 is out of stock
it doenst look fake will see in a couple of weeks

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Shipping Units, and New Hardware for NA:

It only does 40nm!

Theonik2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I don't know why but i always kinda disliked the new slogan. Implies that the only thing the PS3 does is having a 40nm GPU...
(which sounds quite ridiculous.)
Edit: Also @the article. Why on earth would Sony announce the new PS3 at E3? It's just a minor redesign to increase their profit. They didn't announce every revision of the 80Gb @E3 now did they? It's the same SKU after all.

Denethor_II2929d ago

Can you imagine all those people without any Sony. Tha'ts enough talk, I'm off to get me some Sony.

McPoopin2928d ago

Can you imagine all the people without Fanboy?

You couldnt.

sikbeta2929d ago

Now Sony, Make Sure You Have Enough Supply and start making PS3s 24hs non-stop, cos Demand will be HUGE...


The demand will increase massively for PS3 after E3.

SuperStrokey11232929d ago

It will likely look the same as the last few months... I dont see it being that much different. I could be wrong of course

EvilBlackCat2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

funny how morons in this site believed the " PS3 Slim sold out, limited at U.S. retail " Bullshit!


LOL X100

it was just the OH MY GOD HIGH DEMAND TRICK and you all just fall for it.

You loyalists Gamers? nah just brainwashed idiots!

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BeaArthur2929d ago

I've never understood the desire to replace a functioning system with a "slim model".

karl2929d ago

i dont understand it either.... but i really want one

gta28002928d ago

I'll have one too please. Waiting for to get a new shipment :)

thief2929d ago

Soon they will be able to drop the cooling system altigether - thats when costs and size will really drop. Or have they already done that in the Slim?
Also, Blu-ray should be close to DVD prices by now, I wonder?

kharma452929d ago

The current slim models still have fans in them, can't see the new one being any different.

I can't see the PS3 being passively cooled for a while yet.

SirRunic2929d ago

I have a new slim coming tomorrow. Hopefully it has the 40nm chip in it.

Digital-_-Smoke2929d ago

Jeah gonna pick one up this thing wil be quiet as shit

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The story is too old to be commented.