Price is Right Videogame Coming

Lock up your grandmas and spay your cat: A Price is Right videogame is in development.

Canadian new-media producer Ludia Inc and Price television production company Fremantle Media are teaming up to bring Bob Barker and his addle-pated fans to a PC near you.

The game will include elements from the long-running TV show, including the opening, "Come on Down," the spinning of the wheel and the final Showcase Showdown. There will also be real world prizing. Check out the story for more info.

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okcomputer4170d ago

This would be a killer ap on the wii. We're talking 2 million units sold at least.

Bloodmask4170d ago

is truly a TV gameshow icon. He was funny as hec in Happy Gilmore.

Price Is Right could be a very fun game indeed.

RelloC4169d ago

simply can't wait for this blockbuster hit.