More footage of that certain Galaxy 2 spoiler (transmission 15)

Nintendo has released new footage of the Super Mario 64 level in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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gameseveryday2654d ago

I remember playing this in Super Mario 64 way back then

seinfan2653d ago

Me too, but this just says to me that Nintendo has run out of ideas.

SuperStrokey11232653d ago

You obviously dont know miyamoto at all then.

DA_SHREDDER2654d ago

I dont know if yall even understand when I say this? But me and my kids need this game. Especially my little boy. I never went without a new mario, and neither will they. Ever!

GUCommander2654d ago

Very cool. I love the fact that this level is in the new mario galaxy.

colonel1792653d ago

Is this the only one in the game?

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