Red Dead Redemption will improve your memory

Meet John Marston, a man aiming to blow away memories in the virtual world. According to the glowing review from The New York Times, Marston…

"stands between the Old West and modernity — between the celebration of the individual and the collective requirements of organized society — as he tries to salvage a family life from the smoldering legacy of his criminal past."

Millions will soon ride with Marston deep into the Wild West via Red Dead Redemption, the next big video game. And millions of virtual creatures, critters and humans alike, are going to die. Prepare for the band of anti-gamers who will deride it for stimulating aggression and turning the brain to mush.

Whether any of those complaints are valid is debatable. But according to several studies, Red Dead players will have the upper hand in certain kinds of memory.

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mantisimo2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I....errmmmm.....I...sorry forgot what I was going to type.

Pennywise2956d ago

I was talking about the crap online at the moment. Fix it R*.

ReservoirDog3162956d ago

Just play the singleplayer till they fix the multiplayer. And I've played several hours the last couple days and never got bored.

aryan_irani2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

whats this game gonna do to ur brain that others havent done before?

shadow27972956d ago

You're partially right. The research is about all violent videogames, the author just decided to apply it to Red Dead Redemption for currency.

bjornbear2956d ago

months and months of memory tests....scientists have proven that RDR does increase memory...


BS if i've ever seen it,

just enjoy the damn gAME

shadow27972956d ago

Did you read the article?

The actual testing didn't involve Red Dead. They did tests with numerous violent video games. The author just decided to apply it to RDR for currency.

The title should really say, "Violent Video Games will improve your memory". But I guess they didn't think that would get as many hits.

RowSand2956d ago

anyone who play the game.. can u drive cars in this game?.. i saw a car in some footage the old one from 19th century lol. anyone come that far?

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