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Submitted by bbretterson 2089d ago | review

Game Diary: A Wimp Spends 90 Minutes With Demon's Souls

Bitmob staff member Aaron Thomas has been curious about Demon's Souls since his friend first mentioned the game last year. Here's the thing: He doesn't really enjoy difficult games. But most people say Demon's Souls is great, so he figured he'd give it a shot and share his experience with you. This is his first 90 minutes with the game. (Demon's Souls, PS3) -

dc1  +   2089d ago
Although I applaud the attempt....(maybe not). His experience is like watching the first 60 seconds of Christopher Nolan's Memento. Although a little tough to comprehend up're compelled to continue to watch and in the end ..rearward.

Note: the Analogy is a disservice to the feeling of accomplishment that come from completing Demon's Souls.
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The Wood  +   2089d ago
loved memento
just think that guy used to be in 'neighbors'

not played demon souls yet as its not been released in europe yet....hope ive got the patience to finish it
CadDad  +   2089d ago
All I could do from the moment I first started Demon's souls was play it. I accomplished that and more. Loved the game, and have about 250 hours logged on it.

Looking forward to a follow-up, but I'll be disappointed if they dumb it down.

This guy needs to put it down now, only bad things will be written by him if he continues. The very beginning of the article was enough for me to realize he wasn't up to the task....complaining about a system update, and telling us how long it's been since he played his PS3....

dc1  +   2089d ago
FOXDIE  +   2088d ago
I also agree, he sounded like an A-hole!
Psfan999  +   2089d ago
As soon as he said that the game needed a lock-on button I realized just how retarded he is.
ThanatosDMC  +   2089d ago
Guess, he doesnt know how to press L3... what a dumbass. There was a tutorial too.
Ghost_Sparta  +   2088d ago
the strange is that he did the tutorial, but it seems he has short memory!...
midgard227  +   2088d ago
lol i didnt know u cud lock on till more than half way haha. u cud tell i had a hard time for all that time. 2nd time i beat game from scratch i beat it in 27 hours way higher lvl and did more events and got more weapons compared to 70 hours and 20 lvls lower lol
FACTUAL evidence  +   2088d ago
"5:30 I just jacked two hobo-demons. This game really needs a lock-on button."

Whoa...someone's an UUBER noob....i see being a noob the fudge he get passed the tutorial?...It doesn't hurt to read...Secondly, how didn't you not know what to do in the nexsus? Maiden in black tells you who you needs to see. I won't lie, it took me like 10 mins to find where to go, but I knew my OBJECTIVE.

EDIT: @Redempteur
Say what you want, but if you read about the system update crap he was talking about, I think that was his little way of trying to bash the ps3, and to tell he doesn't turn it on. Why would he have to tell us about his xmb freezing if he was going to tell us about his demon souls playthrough...He might as well have also stated: "2:30 I'd drank a big arse cup of kool-aid, and continue munching on doritos".
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knight626  +   2089d ago
Great game i still havent passed it tho most play red dead for now
ascendantofrain  +   2089d ago
Isn't Aaron Thomas the pussy who gave Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction a 75% because the game had TOO much variety in it? I hope this game kicks his fat little ass.
Ghost_Sparta  +   2088d ago
Is that true? Is that the man? OHH, now I understand how can someone be so dumb!
Redempteur  +   2088d ago
seriously if each time you boot your ps3 you have a system update , then you're not using your ps3 much ..

i do think he needs more gaming sessions order to remember the tutorial of the games he plays
joydestroy  +   2089d ago
i couldn't handle Demon's Souls lol. i kept it for a few days, then sold it for what i paid for it
jaosobno  +   2089d ago
I finished demons souls twice and all I can say are 2 things:

1. Best RPG ever
2. The guy from article is a pussy
NexGen  +   2089d ago
All we learned here is:
1) this "gaming journalist" is a talentless tool
2) he doesn't like his ps3
presto717  +   2089d ago
He didn't even know you can lock on
He is worse than a n00b, if that is even possible.
AssassinHD  +   2089d ago
How do you make it past the tutorial without knowing about the lock on button?
Ghost_Sparta  +   2088d ago
Exactly, that's really the strange question!...
karl  +   2089d ago
i wasted time reading this...
demon souls was to hard for me.. and i didnt write an article about it .-

great game though i can recognize that
wissam  +   2089d ago
A great game is great. hard or not.
NYC_Gamer  +   2089d ago
i guess demon souls would be hard for pro 360 fans since they lack skills in everything besides shooters
PS360PCROCKS  +   2089d ago
Never tried it...Maybe I should.
itchy18  +   2089d ago
you should
despair  +   2088d ago
definitely should
karl  +   2088d ago
u already should have
Redempteur  +   2088d ago
maybe you should

PS360PCROCKS  +   2088d ago
Lol ok I will.
Omega Archetype  +   2089d ago
I'll admit, I found the article kinda entertaining, but mostly comical simply because this guys is a gaming journalist yet can't seem to figure out how to check what button does what.

Let's not forget that he fails at exploring the game world to see where to go next. The people in the Nexus tell the player what they need to know to really get started. It's as if this guy is brand new to videogames. Oh well, by the sound of it he's not at all hoping to enjoy the game, it seems he's already decided on whether or not he likes it even before he began playing it. Whatever, his loss, because Demon's Souls is an amazing game and one that I'm extremely happy that I have in my collection.
bashesh  +   2089d ago
Very True Omega
The game is a masterpiece. I own pretty much every big name game that came out in last 2 years and I haven't found one that is so exhilarating. It truly gives you a sense of accomplishment when you beat a boss or even those pesky red eyed creatures. There is a very detailed handbook that comes with the game that gives you all necessary information required to play the game and if the author of this article didn't really bother to understand how game plays he shouldn't be writing an article about it.
Socomer 1979  +   2089d ago
That user reviews are more credible than professional game reviewers.
These guys aint gamer.
bangoskank  +   2089d ago
I played this at my friends and was doing very well up until the first boss... then I got creamed with one hit. Although it seems intimidating I love that kind of challenge; it keeps you on your toes. This is the next game on my list to play and I will persevere until I've finished it, just like how we used to play games back in the day.
air1  +   2088d ago
i can see the magic in the game, sadly i cant play it for too long . i get pissed dying over a goof death and having to do that path again and again. i love the game when im advancing but hate it when i die. i got up to the knight tower took him down but now the fog is covering the other door and their is nothing that i can find useful in that area so i gave up (again) and now will be playing alan wake over the weekend, im sure ill go back though just cause its that type of game that brings you back but frustrates the hell out of you..
Ri0tSquad  +   2088d ago
Don't forget, you can skip around the levels
And you need to kill an ArchDemon to advance. For now, I would recommend leveling up and going to other worlds and collecting weapons and armor; there's a lot you can do.
air1  +   2088d ago
yea i jumped around a bit and now im level 26. i do remember reading about beating an archdeamon in the game. where can i find one though? i try and stay in that world bolevia i think it called? you know the one with the tower knight cause thats the one that i got the farthest in, although i did like the one with the rolling skeletons but didnt get too far, only up to the thing with the huge club that just stands their till you get too close..
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bashesh  +   2088d ago
Have you beat the armor spider boss in second arch stone yet? if not that would be good starting place. other wise you can go to arch stone of latria and gain access to some good magic
Ri0tSquad  +   2088d ago
On my second playthrough
Once again, this game is just taking over my life, lol. I haven't put so many hours into a vidoe game since...Final Fantasy VII I believe. I might not play RDR for awhile if this keeps again.
BABY-JEDI  +   2088d ago
The moral of this article is
Pussies should not play the legendary Demons Souls, as said earlier. Go play Harry Potter games kiddies LoL.
AKS  +   2088d ago
LOL at this guy's opening "I simply don't have the time or patience for the whole "trial and error" gameplay that was so prevalent when I was a kid" line. Wow, this guy who has the time to write a blog about a video game must be REALLY IMPORTANT AND MATURE. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us insignificant little people who play Demon's Souls, chief. So hilariously weak. Is he trying to convince himself? He certainly isn't fooling me.
MeatAbstract  +   2088d ago
Many playthroughs of this game. Loved it. Will be playing it again when my Black Phantom Edition arrives for the European release.

On the subject of the article, you tried. Its a game of learning from your mistakes and sadly 90 minutes just wouldn't do the game justice of exactly how much there is to do in Demon's Souls.
YoungKingDoran  +   2088d ago
sounds like a fanboy the way he starts the "session" with saying his ps3 wont boot.

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