Analysis: Red Dead Redemption on PS3 vs. Xbox 360

PC World: Does Red Dead Redemption have a resolution problem on Sony's PlayStation 3? Is it even fair to call a "sub-high-definition" ; resolution choice a "problem"? Will anyone who doesn't own both systems care? Is raising the point a waste of space? Am I standing on the lip of a lava pit goading readers to push me in?

Tahoma or Sans Serif? DVD or Blu-ray? S-Video or HDMI? Electronic paper display or LCD? We choose technology--yes, fonts are technology--based on visual parameters all the time. While it's silly to dismiss a game because of minor visual disparities on one platform versus another, it's just as silly to pretend those differences aren't there.

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Criminy, make it stop!

@disagrees: What? You want more of these comparisons? Masochist.

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because it isnt like you didnt know it was coming......

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It appears that this news is like a wet dream to some people. Enjoying the game though. :)

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Greywulf2925d ago

I mean I understand the 360 community getting excited to point out a PS3 game is SUB-HD. Ignoring the fact that their lead exclusive after 6 years is lower res than the PS3 version of RDR.. But still..

When did RDR become Crysis for consoles?

Dance2925d ago

i also find it amusing that you guys were beaten on alan wake and final fantasy for not being high definition but as soon as redemption comes out you start acting like it is no big deal

Stationfan2925d ago

Like I mentioned before Alan wake was taunted of being an example of what can be done with a game build up from scratch on the 360. And still didn't surpass anything on ps3.

You guys make it seem like RDR is proof that the 360 is on par technically with the Trey which it just shows rockstars developing skills are nowhere near to the level as a Sony first party developer. Infact no developer i just hope rockstars polishes they're ps3 skills by the time the agent is released

Blakzhuk2924d ago

RDR had two separate dev teams. Stop spewing this 'exclusive' rhetoric like it means something. You all are assuming that exclusive games are the best. There's no factual way or measurement to determine what games are the best because it's all opinion. So for some of you gamers to sit here and say that PS3 exclusives are the best this generation, you are just stating your opinion. To say that Alan Wake failed because after 5 years it's sub-HD is your opinion. No one started counting pixels until this generation. If you didn't count them during the PS2/Xbox era, than anything you say now about resolutions doesn't matter.

shadow27972924d ago

They may have different dev teams, but it's still a multiplatform engine. One, I may add, that's proven to be inferior on the PS3.

It's ignorant to imply that exclusives aren't generally the best looking games on their respective platform. They're built specifically for that platform, after all. Alan Wake was touted as the best looking game this generation by some, and many called it a visual powerhouse. Yet, the game is way below HD standards.

RDR on the other hand, is just another game where the PS3 gets an inferior port because of a X360 lead development. It's important for multi-console owners (I'll be playing it on 360), but it's not a big deal.

And let's not pretend 360 fanboys aren't guilty of the exact same double standards. Fanboys are fanboys.

aaron58292925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

but from what i observed..

No PS3 fanboys claim that RDR will be the best looking game ever...

But for the other side... before SC:C and AW was released... these 2 games were touted as the best looking games ever... some even boldly claimed that it looks better than MGS and Uncharted combined..

Get what i mean ?

Games that are supposedly "best looking ever.. even better than uncharted!!" is a sub hd game...

Before the reviews started coming in, i dont see anyone hyping this game... and now all of a sudden... My version iz betterz than yourzzzz!

OFF TOPIC : it seems PC mags want to be in the console wars too...

ReBurn2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Let's be fair. Fanboys on both sides were total idiots when it came to Alan Wake. The Splinter Cell controversy was muted compared to the Alan Wake controversy. There were just as many sub-HD articles posted about Alan Wake as there are comparison articles about Red Dead Redemption. For 3 days the top stories were nothing but that. For a multi-platform game, look at Final Fantasy XIII. Nothing but how awesome the PS3 version was and how bad the 360 version was. The sub-HD stuff was flying then, too.

And the comments were just like we're seeing now. PS3 fanboys gloating that 360 was "maxed" and "inferior" and "couldn't do HD". The 360 fanboys were sticking their heads in the sand and saying that Alan Wake was the best-looking game ever, which it clearly isn't. And that FFXIII was just as good visually as the PS3 version, when it clearly wasn't. Now the idiots are out in full force again, but the roles are reversed. And they're all stupid. Every one of them. Because their blinders are getting in the way of common sense.

If anything this should prove that there is no definitive proof that one console is better than the other. Both PS3 and 360 are *capable* of producing crisp, vibrant native 720p graphics and running at butter-smooth frame rates. However, some *developers* are more skilled at using each system to it's fullest. Both PS3 and 360 are capable platforms for creating masterpieces, but the developers have to be good with their tools.

Blakzhuk2924d ago

A sub-HD game can look better than an HD game.

shadow27972924d ago

ReBurn, that was one of the most intelligent comments I've read in a while. +Bubbles

Blakzhuk, I could argue that a sub-HD game SHOULD look better than an HD game, given the amount of memory that is freed up per frame.

Consoldtobots2925d ago

the fact that the game engine has MAJOR problems keeping character models in the rendering pipeline should give everyone pause. This is happening on the 360 version. If they can't even master that etch a sketch I don't hold out much hope for the PS3.

Simon_Brezhnev2925d ago

lol PC site doing analysis on a console game and im already sick of these comparisions its like the 50th

mittwaffen2925d ago

Nerd ragers will go after this like white on rice.

Look at them all!

Hotel_Moscow2925d ago

rice is brown and then bleached to be white so ummmmmmmmmm yeah

mittwaffen2925d ago

What I just said is a long used metaphor.

You dont pick them apart; haha.

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