PopCap: 'Mind Your Own Business & Your Personal Hygiene!'

Ex: Ah, the perils of the UK commute.

The folks over at Popcap - you know, the company creating virtual crack like Peggle, Plants Vs Zombies, and Zuma - are feeling a bit informative today. To instill a bit of levity into the recent travel disruptions in Europe caused by the volcanic ash problem, Popcap has released some findings about the hells of commuting, geared towards our friends in the UK.

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Neco5122923d ago

The people who make Peggle... I will gladly listen to.. I must go take a shower now.

CrAppleton2923d ago

Haha, I see you're listening already

DaRockSays2923d ago

Very interesting study. Looking forward to hearing more

shadowdancer2923d ago

Must be a slow news day...