IBM cheats on Cell with NVIDIA Tesla for servers

The Cell chip that powers the PlayStation 3 has been good to IBM's high-performance computing (HPC) efforts, with Big Blue's supercomputers riding the game console chip to fame and glory in the biannual Top 500 Supercomputer List. But the writing may be on the wall for Cell, as IBM has just announced a server that can use two NVIDIA Tesla devices as coprocessors.

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Killzone3Helghast2833d ago

so how does this article relate to console gaming in any way?

Pandamobile2832d ago

The CPU that powers the PS3 is being phased out in servers and other applications by its creator for third-party alternatives.

i_am_interested2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

yet this story has nothing to do with the ps3

is sony going to start replacing the cell in the ps3 with nvidia teslas seeing as how sony has a relationship with nvidia too?

no ones even come close releasing a game designed to run solely on a gpu and i doubt theyve even come close to programming one

this is just anti cell fud completely unrelated to the ps3

jerethdagryphon2832d ago

but the fact remains that cell is whats stated a lot of this gpu/cpu thinking

and in that aspect its done its job

until cell came we had x86 and ppc as statdard archatectures for systems
cell provides new ways of thinking thats what it should be considered a stepping stone

Marty83702832d ago

Only by IBM.

Toshiba makes Cell for Sony, thats used in PS3.

Cell isn't going nowhere.

hay2832d ago

@jerethdagryphon: Actually Cell is based on PPC. Haven't dwell on architecture and coding YET but difference shouldn't be huge.

GodsHand2832d ago

It was created by Sony, IBM, and Toshiba. Sony already said they stopped developement on it, so it was only inevitable the IBM would follow suite. I would not be surprised if Toshiba say the same thing in the upcoming months. But as long as the PS3 is around the chip will still be here. If there is a PS4, with backwards compatibility it will most likely need a cell chip.

DeadlyFire2832d ago

This means nothing. I don't see why people jump at every little thing.

As far as future Cell development IBM has confirmed they are not advancing it any further and said they will still release the next wave of more effcient chips in 2010. There will be nothing new beyond that. Maybe some rescaling and shrinking of chips on smaller scales. Sony could easily get Toshiba or IBM to restructure a Cell to be called a Cell 2. Its very easily possible. They can scale the chip up to 4 Ghz and throw in some more SPEs and another PPE and new chip is born. IBM is not advancing anymore research on Cell tech, but new chips for 2010 are still coming. IBM has new PowerPC A2 coming as well. Up to 16 cores. Runs on low clock though, but that isn't what is important. Just all depends on how the wind blows in next two years. It is very likely within two years we will hear of some more rumors and things. :)

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spongeboob2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

It doesn't relate to games at all, it's just more FUD being spread by @sstechnica.

raztad2832d ago

It's not related in any way.

The Cell in those servers is a different processor.

Raf1k12832d ago

So it's being phased out in servers. Doesn't really affect the PS3.

ArmrdChaos2832d ago

I do recall a number of positive articles in the past that referenced the cell and what supercomputers were doing. It generated the usual pom pom waving party and comments of how the PS3 is the most powerful thing on the planet. I didn't see any comments on how that wasn't related back then, but now the information is negative and everyone wants to cry fud and unrelated. Well...which is it?

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ArcFatalix2832d ago

will be friendly for developers and wont use cell i dunno why you microsoft customers are so happy.

raztad2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

It's up to Sony, not IBM, to decide what will be in the PS4. It's not crazy to think Sony would want to stick with a cell-like arch so they can keep B/C with PS3 games and all the existing know-how.

kaveti66162832d ago

If Sony creates some kind of mediator between the SPEs of the CELL and each of the compilers that are attached to each SPE, then that will make the CELL as easy to work with as a conventional unified architecture.

There's no reason to phase out the CELL from the PS brand because Sony invested heavily in it and it is extremely scalable. I heard there are CELL processors used by IBM that have 32 SPEs. If that's the case, then Sony might just have the same CELL processor in the PS4 with more SPEs, and since developers have gotten used to the architecture, things will be easier for them.

Raf1k12832d ago

I duno, it would make sense to keep it similar to the PS3 since devs are pretty much used to the tech now. Whatever Sony does I hope they don't make the PS4 as difficult to develop for as the PS3.

sikbeta2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

CELL2 will be there on the PS4, doesn't matter if Now there is an article about IBM using different architectures for Servers that got nothing to do with the PS3

The logical Step is, PS4 = Backward Compatible with PS3 Games, best way to do it = CELL

Trroy2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

The Cell isn't going away. All this is is another option, catering to people with high-end rendering needs, rather than generic supercomputing.

IBM Blade servers are made specifically to accomplish a certain subset of tasks -- They make them based on everything from PowerPCs, Intel Xeons and AMD processors, to CBE and apparently now Tegras. Only 2 of the about 20 Blade models available right now are Cell-based, and the "version" of the Cell they use is far more powerful (at specialized tasks) than the one in the PS3.

The Cell isn't leaving anytime soon. Its an entire processor line and concept -- the PS3 Cell is merely the most visible of the bunch.

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