The Pacman Arcade Cabinet Made out of Lego writes "One of your favourite blocky 8 bit characters has once again been brought to life through the magic of Lego. An enthusiast has taken it upon himself to while away the hours by constructing a one and only Lego built Pacman arcade cabinet. Now you would be forgiven for thinking that this is simply ornamental, after all it does look something special. However Lego architect Ben Fleskes has installed a Jammer 48-1 board, which means that retro gaming goodness such as Space Invaders and Donkey Kong are also very playable on the 80 arcade structure. "

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GodsHand2835d ago

Nice, too bad it was not a full size arcade cabinet.

I wonder how fragile that is tho, can't imagine people leaning up on the side of the lego, with out it breaking.