Hustle Kings to get patched; snooker pack on the way

GOONL!NE writes: Sony have announced a major update coming to their pool title Hustle Kings, with a new patch on the way plus an update that will bring a whole new game, not just a game mode, with snooker making it's way to the title.

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MiamiACR2981d ago

Not nearly as awesome as your picture, what I wouldn't give to slug an 8-ball in that fat girls vagina.

zeeshan2981d ago

Snooookkkerr!!! Finally! I hope it rocks!

Skynetone2981d ago

i'll certainly be picking this up,

The only problem with the game is the music, All the porn music youll ever need, and like four hip pop songs, so i have four hip pop songs repeating indefinitely

a music option would be most welcome

TheDreaM4042981d ago

play any songs that you have on your PS3 in all of the modes on hustle kings; you just will not be able to chat during online play with the custom music playing.

Also the custom break is the best thing that could have happened to this game. So many matches are decided by whoever the game chooses to break.

GodsHand2981d ago

Yeap, you could always play custom music. I would like to see some more custom pool tables.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi__2981d ago

Nice 1. Some normal News on this retarded Site!!! ;-D

Ju2981d ago

This is an awesome game. Crisp clear visuals (1080 with full AA!) and full control over the each ball incl trick shots. Pretty awesome. Maybe I learn some Snooker in my old days...