TGV: The Gaming Vault of Fame: Rayman

The Gaming Vault takes a look at some of the accomplishments of the video game world’s lesser known heroes. Those who rarely hog the spotlight for themselves, merely pleased with starring in a few games and then fading into obscurity. This series of articles honour those heroes. This month is dedicated to an old platforming hero: Rayman

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AP2954d ago

The early Rayman games were good - as time went on they got worse and worse. Rabbids go Home was a great Rayman franchise title though.

RustyMagus2953d ago

How can you say that? Rabbids go Home didn't even include Rayman!

Herminator2953d ago

I always loved Rayman 2, while Mario 64 and DK might have been superior in a pure platformer sense, Rayman 2 had such an unique art direction to it, it made the levels a wonder to explore.

borisfett2953d ago

Poor Rayman. Suffered such a horrible death.