PlayStation Future - Are Developers Cheating Second-Hand Gamers?

For many years, you may have seen game that you've wanted, but not absolutely had to get on day one, so you wait for a bit. One day, you go into a shop and see a pre-owned version of the game for about half the price. Great! Right? Well for you, maybe, but for those same years, the developers have felt left out - a pre-owned title does not gain them money as it is merely one person selling to another person in the superficial hands of a retailer.

Well, now developers are starting to get their own back, they've had enough of this and have decided to alter the content which second-hand gamers get. Yes, it could be classed as wrong, and many oppose this system; but many others also see the point that developers have. But is this fair to the gamer? Do the developers know how it feels to buy a game and then realise that you've only really bought most of it?

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dangert122958d ago

Depending on the game and type of game i am a second hand gamer
like if it has loads of dlc etc or not top of my list
but not really cheating just wait for the price drop

GUCommander2958d ago

Second-hand gamers are cheating developers....

dangert122958d ago

ridiculous prices are cheating gamers ?^_^

finalblink412957d ago

You would have a very different view if you were a developer. Gamestop is the devil, period. If you put in the time and effort you would want profit, not some dickface company like Gamestop raking in millions re-selling your game. This is great for the industry, less games with come out but with higher quality, since they can no longer live on second hand sales. If dumbass people would spend their money wiser and stop buying shitty games they would have enough to spend on those titles worthy of hours of fun and 60$.