LOL: Rockstar dares you to shoot Red Dead Redemption devs dead

Maxconsole write: In celebration of the North American release of Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games is happy to announce the ‘Kill a Rockstar’ Red Dead Redemption multiplayer challenge. Beginning today through June 1, players who track down roving posses of Rockstar employees on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live have the chance to earn the coveted “Red Dead Rockstar” Trophy/Achievement by directly taking down a Rockstar, or someone who has already killed a Rockstar. Once securing the Trophy/Achievement, players already enrolled in the Rockstar Game Social Club will automatically be entered for the chance to have their likeness on a unique Multiplayer character in upcoming Red Dead Redemption downloadable content.

Point, aim and fire if you see the following Gamertags/IDs:

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sixaxis3134d ago

haha, then all you ps3 owners say to them to release the patch. hunt on!

nix3134d ago

they'll be massacred in PS3 more than in 360 only for that reason. q:

Proxy3134d ago

Is the multiplayer integrated into the single player game like Demons Souls? Whats a roving posse? Makes me think it's something you just happen across rather than multiplayer.

Montrealien3134d ago

the lobby of the online mode is basicly the whole world populated by a set amount of people, pretty damn impressive if you ask me.

I got the achievment on my first kill last night, I am sure it is spreading like a wild fire.

Ocelot5253134d ago

or exponentially to be more precise

Double Toasted3134d ago

Oh, I thought we were posting pics of personal weapons. Don't make me pull out the AR15 Bushmaster!!

VenomSilos3134d ago

Your AR15 is no match for my '74!

Vip3r3134d ago

They did this in GTA 4 too.

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