Nintendo reveals North American, European launch dates for Dragon Quest IX

Nintendo has just announced the release dates of Dragon Quest IX in North America and Europe.

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SpoonyRedMage2985d ago

Fuck yeah! Hype now!

...and also an European date!

SpoonyRedMage2985d ago

Nice, commence hypage!

Potential RPG of the year here... I think GOTY would be pushing it but it's possible!

Rock Bottom2985d ago

With ME3 around, if it gets RPG of the year, it's almost guaranteed some GOTY awards...

But I doubt it would get any, DQ isn't as accessible out side of japan.

Valay2985d ago

Release date has been confirmed for Europe now too. You should be happy, haha.

booni32985d ago

to port over here? this is a DS game that the japanese have been playing since last year. how long does localization take?

Redempteur2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Well draque games are usually huge ..especially now since there seems to be a huge online mode ...

SE usually takes that much time to translate their games, unless ( in last remnant case ) they start translating during the develloppement ...
Since it was level 5 who did most of the wqork , they couldn't start early ..

FF13 took less time because we all know the game was finished early and put in pause to wait for them to finish the 360 version

MightyMark4272985d ago

Nice July 11th for NOrth America ^^

Homicide2985d ago

That's pretty soon. Hope I have enough for DQIX and Persona 3 Portable.

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Valay2985d ago

Europe will probably get it somewhere around the same time. It's supposed to launch in summer there too.

kevco332985d ago

Like clockwork, European date has been announced too!

Stealth20k2985d ago

YAY now all I need is dragon quest vi ds in america and I can die happy

DA_SHREDDER2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I just want Dragon Warrior with PSmove, 720p graphics, online MMO, forever everlasting with Edricks, Metal Babble, and Zenithan armory. Is that too much to ask for ?

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